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  • I recently re-did someone’s website using Dreamweaver and not WordPress. I had access to statistics both before and after and the statistics were telling.

    Whomever had set up the site initially had included a number of widgets, themes and so on to make things look nice. That’s all well and good—except page load times were abysmal and, were viewers on dialup (since most of the USA is not any more this point may be moot) they would have given up before the first page loaded.

    The site did not require WordPress. There was no need for the client to edit content or add to it.

    I do have a new site that does require that my client add to the content and I believe WordPress is the right way to handle this. But I am wary of a code load that is going to decrease the performance of the site.

    I have found a theme (for $75, which is well within budget) and plan to purchase it. I will also need a slider widget.

    What is the best way to manage both CSS and JavaScript so that I’m not calling code from all over the world and causing the pages to bog down, simply because it needs to load several style sheets (because of the theme) and several JavaScript files? If one buys a theme, can one safely delete the style sheets that precede that theme?


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  • Look for a plugin that combine and minify CSS and JS, this is to reduce number of files and reduce file size.

    Other things that have more influence on page load time is image file size and number of images loaded on 1 page. This is not easy because it requires planing on site structure, most site owners wouldn’t care about content strategy, they tend to put on as many images and content as possible in a page, especially front page.

    Static caching also helps, WP super cache is a good one.

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    The best way really is to include it in the theme/plugin. There really should be no need for external css/js files anyway.

    Like paulwpxp suggested use a cachin plugin. Or even consider a Content Delivery Service.

    A good plugin/theme is one that uses resources wisely.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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