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  • Whooooo….I like it alot.

    while the concept is pretty unique and groovy, it’s also annoying. if i had no idea what clicking the bottles would do, i would be utterly confused. and i have to click back just to change the theme.
    adding a style switcher on the actual blog would greatly reduce the annoyance factor, so that at least i can try out the different styles with relative ease.
    i’m also not much of a fan for splash pages, the over-used relic of the late 90’s and early 00’s. but that’s simply a personal thing … a ‘love/hate’ issue, never ‘sort of like’ 😉
    ultimately you’re going to do what you want with it (at least i would hope so, you’re paying for it) and this is merely my personal take on it.
    on a less cynical note, i do indeed like the content, layout, and design !
    — michael

    /me still likes it 🙂
    Regards, MaxT

    use the ala cookie implementation faster 🙂

    Sexay + tax. I’m loving the different color schemes.

    i like it! i guess if you had the four bottles somewhere in your menu it would be ven cooller and make xircom happy 🙂 also for my taste, the lack of contrast between text and background in the post is a little hard on my eyes. good stuff though.

    Very nice layout. I like it.

    I love it! I was a bit confused about the bottles as well; but really I couldn’t care less. It’s a personal site, and I think sometimes the concern about accessibility goes a bit too far =). I rather have a cool funky site that my friends can read rather than a boring one so that people who couldn’t care less about my site can read it.
    Keep it up!

    i also changed the font color to something easier to read… its still not #000000, but it is a little darker than before. 😉
    i have a notebook, so the original was a lot more legible on my screen than it was on a typical monitor.

    Broken in Safari v1.2.2. Looked great in latest version of IE for Mac and Mozilla FireFox 0.8.

    yeah, i’m not sure about safari. i did noticed that it had problems, but since it works in nutscrape, i.e., and firefox…. apple needs to standardize.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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