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  • Hello ,
    just upgraded to wordpress 2.6 and seems like the themes are not working. i mean the themes gallery as it shown in the video that presents wordpress 2.6.

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  • yes it seems the Themes are not working. I am having the same problem in two different hosting providers.

    did you upgrade bu auto or install new version ? coz it seems that if u upgrade automatic it will not show !! i guess

    Well if you go for the automatic upgrade you receive such a list of errors and bad happenings, more than all the amount of words in the US Declaration of Independence are. So I erased everything, erased database and went for a new installation both with 2.5 and 2.6 but is anyway a tragedy!

    I upgraded manually and everything looks fine on the frontpage. Everything else however just gives me “NOT FOUND”

    Permalink structure is broken!! NO!!!!!! ONLY THE DEFAULT WORKS for some reason.

    I am getting the same error, how to fix?

    So i have to erase my database then install new one. is that right?

    I tried to just upgrade (but not with the automatic upgrade plugin), but it didn’t work, so I just removed everything and did a fresh install with 2.6. I had my theme backed up and reinstalled that. Now my problem is, the theme shows for a while, then reverts back to the default theme. When I go to reset the theme (three times now in two days), it says my theme is being used instead of default. I select my theme and activate it anyway. It doesn’t show a ‘preview’, but I don’t know if that is because of something not compatible in the customization which also might be causing the reverting-to-default-theme-for-no-reason, or if it’s because there is something I should have done to ‘update’ the theme. Is anyone having this specific problem?



    i have problem with the theme too, it disappears from time to time (like my home page would be blank)… i can get it to work again by reactivating the theme, which seems to reset some thing on the server… then the site will work, but only for a while (a few hours, i guess depending on traffic) and goes back to blank.

    my host tech support says it’s an incompatible theme, still can’t figure out how to make it compatible though.

    if anyone found a solution, please post.


    @ Miserychick: Mine seems to go for longer than a few hours (but I don’t get much traffic, so that may be why), but still…I hate that somehow some of the themes aren’t compatible. Mine is a heavily modified version of one that is no longer on the WP Themes page, and I put HOURS for several days into making it what I have. I really don’t want to have to do all that again with something else.

    I hope someone finds a solution, too! If I do, I will certainly post it.



    I tried to upload a theme to my blog on and it keeps on tell me that the theme does not have any tags. I want to know what can I do about this problem.



    well it seems like the blind are leading the blind in this thread…

    I’ve just installed 2.6 and went to my “design” page, only to see that there are no themes there. I check in my wp-content/themes folder and I do have the classic theme folder sitting there. It just doesn’t show up on the “front end” when I go to look at the site. It doesn’t even show up in the “design” page….. anyone know what I can check or how to fix it?

    email me too at moneyenergy AT hotmail….

    I am also having problems with themes since upgrading to 2.6! I seem to have content only showing on my blog. All the themes are listed but they don’t work. I upgraded through GoDaddy and when I chose the option to rollback to my 2.5.1 installation, the theme problem remained! Is there any solution?

    Me too. I have five different blogs, five different themes. First I forgot to upgrade the default theme in each of the blogs theme directory and I could log in and configure things but visiting the actual blogs they all showed the white screen of death. After I copied in the new default folder into each themes folder then I logged into each blog and went to design. It all said the active theme is broken and so reverting to default. Now *ALL* my blogs are showing with the default theme. FIVE different themes and all of them broken?

    I am new to wordpress and unfortunately I have installed 2.6.1 and themes at my side are also not working. It seems like there is a BUG in wordpress! right???

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