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  • Hello, yesterday I installed WP 2.2 and then installed a theme and widgits. The widgits wouldn’t work so then I installed the widget plugin and got a fatal error message and realized that as i had 2.2 i didn’t need it. I found then that my theme was not widgit ready. so i then installed new themes, all of which said they were widgit ready.

    They all look just fine when viewed in Presentation > Themes. However, when i activated them – they turned my blog all white with no color or text formatting. so i then put back the original non widigitized theme.

    I’m very frustrated. Is there anyone who can tell me how to get a widgitized theme to work on my blog?? And then once the theme is updated, to get the widgits working??

    My blog is located at

    Is perhaps my widgit file messed up so it’s affecting all widgit based themes?? Is this possible? And if so, how do I fix it?

    Any help would be tremendously appreciated.

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  • Seemingly you fixed it. I see a widgetized theme on your blog.

    nope its not fixed. none of the widgits work. this is theme v 1.3 which widgits won’t work with. and any other theme that is widgitized like v 1.4 or anything else with widgits won’t work. please help

    Any suggestions on how to fix this or should I uninstall and reinstall the whole thing? Seems like that will be a lot of effort but maybe something is really wrong with the code.

    I updated it so you can see what it looks like when I use any widgitized theme. It looks horrible!

    It’s not horrible. It’s a blank page.

    However, I stand at what I wrote earlier: I went to your site, it looked OK, and I right-clicked > Show Source… and I could see the “widgets” code in your sidebar.

    Ok so i unisntalled wordpress and reinstalled and I’m still getting the same issue. Only themes that are non widgitized work.

    I’ve got it set to a widgitized theme so you can see what any/all widgitized themes look like when I put them there.

    The whole “theme” does not appear and widgits that I’ve installed still don’t work.

    I really need help so if anyone reads this post and has suggestions please let me know. Thanks!

    I know it’s a blank page but it should be showing the same theme i had up there earlier just v1.4 instead of 1.3

    ok, so if version 1.3 can have widgits – how can i get them to work? They are installed and activated, but i cannot apply them, or work with them.

    What I see NOW – has nothing to do with widgets, I guess. You simply do not have a theme selected. Switch to the default or classic.

    Seriously, that’s a theme selected v1.4 and it looks good in the admin panel like it should but when I view it live there’s nothing.

    I will reinstall v1.3 so at least there is some color, but can you please advise me on how to make widgits work?

    Sorry, this is the third version of the code I see on your site. I can’t follow this much change. By re-re-installing, applying everything you make the troubleshooting difficult. We have to start always from the beginning.

    If you post about a problem – do not change your settings in the meantime; leave it there for helpers to see it.

    Hi, I also have the same problem with my site. I’m only able to add the default widgets on my sidebar but can’t see the widgets that I installed/uploaded. Please help. Thanks.

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