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    What in the world…?!
    Lately I’ve been experiencing the strangest thing: out of nowhere WP seems to choose NO template for my blog.
    This means all I get is a white page.
    I seem to be able to log in through a direct link to the dashboard and choose my default theme to fix the problem, but I just wonder how it’s possible that WP does such a thing!

    My blog:
    Thanx for the feedback

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  • I’ve experienced something similar myself when editing my personal themes. It only ever seems to occur whenever the default template (located in the /default/ folder believe it or not) was not there – either through my deleting it or for whatever other reason.

    Long story short: ensure that your /default/ template is there. Hope this helps.

    cheers for that!
    but where do I retrieve that default template?
    I deleted it…

    PS) There is no DEFAULT folder…never was either!

    Re-download the WordPress zip from the downloads area, unzip it and the default template folder can be located here: wp-content/templates/default/

    Just re-upload it to the corresponding templates folder and your good to go.

    Thanx mi fren!
    fingers crossed!

    As Projectego suggested: I replaced the default template.
    This morning, I was shocked to find my log set to the default template again…
    At least there WAS a template, but this is starting to p*ss me off.
    How come this is happening and how to I solve the problem?
    Please, urgent help needed!

    Can anyone tell me how to fix this problem PLEASE?!
    Everyday, the default theme pops up.
    I would just like to keep the theme I chose!
    This problem is seriously bugging me and I’m considering to switch to a different system because of this.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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