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  • To all of those who WordPress,

    This is my first website in WordPress.

    After nearly two weeks of searching and testing and searching and trying and failing and trying again …well, I am sure you get the idea, I’ve been unable to find what I am looking for.

    I will state it in plain English with the hopes someone can point me in the right direction …or at least tell me that what I am looking for is only a product of my deranged mind and cannot be achieved.

    The site is for a Film Production Company.

    I am looking for a theme that contains the following …or close to it:

    1 header (nav bar (drop down), pic & logo)

    1 sidebars (capable of handling widgets… maybe that goes without saying)

    1 footer (widgets & links)

    Main body of home page (now it gets tricky): should have a fixed hight, and be divided into four boxes:

    box 1: video slideshow with pop out lighbox/lightview plus style capabilities.

    box 2: welcome text and image

    box 3: photo slideshow of latest gallery

    box 4: Dynamic Content Gallery (posts, news etc.)

    As you may have been able to gather I am new to this.

    Does anyone know a theme like this? Something that approximates this? free or otherwise?

    If not where would I find someone capable of building me one? …how much would it cost to have a custom made theme designed?

    Here’s the bulk of it. Your opinions and suggestions are much appreciated.

    Thank you.

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