• I was searching for a suitable theme for my new website and purchased this theme, Newsup Pro, on February 11, 2024. I used the theme for a few days. It didn’t work as well as before. For example, the slider bar did not populate on the Pro version, even though it did on the free version. There were not that many additional features with the pro version. Ultimately, I decided not to use this theme and requested a refund from Themeansar on February 19, 2024, per their 15-day refund policy listed on their own website. I did not receive any communication from them and they closed my ticket. I contacted them again about honoring their refund policy, and they again closed my ticket without responding.

    I first contacted WordPress, but they could not assist because Themeansar is not one of their partner companies. I then contacted PayPal and tried to get a refund through them, and provided the requested documentation, but my request was denied.

    Themeansar is an unethical and dishonest company. Facebook, Trustpilot, and even WordPress have complaints that show people’s dissatisfaction in dealing with Themeansar. The company is actually called Bena Softech (that is the name that was listed on the PayPal charge). They indicate on WordPress that they are located in Russia but Bena Softech is a Chinese company.

    I lost $59 to this shady company. By reporting this, I hope to save someone else the trouble.

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    Unfortunately, we can’t do anything about that.

    WordPress is offered for free, developed and supported entirely by volunteers, and backed solely by donations to a non-profit organization.

    We don’t sell anything, and we don’t have “partner companies.”

    If you did not receive a refund persuant to the vendor’s agreement, I’d recommend filing a chargeback complaint with your payment provider.

    Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

    I would highly suggest rate/review the same here https://wordpress.org/support/theme/newsup/reviews/

    Also, since the vendor hasn’t honored their refund policy, I recommend filing a chargeback with your payment provider.

    Moderator James Huff


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    A quick correction @fahimmurshed

    Reviews of commercial plugins/themes are acceptable on WordPress.org when such reviews discuss functionality (including Software as a Services [Saas] solutions) or user-facing features. Reviews that are essentially payment disputes or are used to leverage support will be archived, with a reply that such disputes should be handled via private email.


    So, please don’t do that.

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