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  • This is on version 1.8. I logged in as author on another web browser to check the back end functionality. Everything was as expected but the Slider tab in the admin control panel is still live.

    Authors have the ability to add and delete slider items. I assume this is a bug. 😀

    However, if it is not, what would be the procedure to delete the Slider tab after the site is configured? I think some PHP just needs to be commented out somewhere?

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  • I found a couple more bugs.

    When the skewed design is selected, it works as expected. If you enable rounded corners too, it kills the skewed design.

    Also, when viewed on an iPhone with either Opera Mini or Safari, it appears to render the desktop page, not the mobile page.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    No support for this theme? That’s no incentive to upgrade to the paid version is it.

    Authors can create, new custom posts by default in wordpress. The slider is made with custom post type.

    The skewed design is killed for a reason, both the design enabled together breaks the layout.

    The default browser of iphone is Safari right? it should display the mobile version.

    So to sum up, if I don’t want authors to create sliders, I need to prevent sliders from being created. How do I remove that from the admin menu’s?

    I understand about the rounded corners vs the skewed design, it’s an either or thing. That needs to have the check box behavior toggle between the two then instead of being able to check both.

    I discovered that if the iPhone is turned sideways, the browser renders the page differently. When you hold the phone “tall”, it cuts off parts of the page. When the phone is “wide”, the page in it’s entirety is shown. This happens with with either Opera Mini or Safari.

    you have to use some sort of author permission plugin.

    and I am aware of that display issue on Iphone. Will fix it in the next release.

    I’m using Capability Manager for this. However, there are no options for custom post types. I’ll have to see if this can be added by the admin.

    Thanks for the help, I appreciate it.

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