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  • I thought it would be a good idea to share my painful experience with those who cannot make it with the portfolio feature. Just follow these easy steps and it should work.

    1) Start adding a portfolio category (Portfolio > Portfolio categories) and give it a name of your choice. For the ID choose lowercase without any special character, no space..)

    Example : name : My Pictures
    id : mypictures

    2) Add a post (Portfolio > Add)
    – Type a title to your post
    – With the send/insert feature on top left above the editor insert your bunch of photos.
    – Click the save the modifications button
    – On the next screen of the popup at the very bottom of the page click the “insert a gallery” button. Close the popup.
    You should now see a frame displayed in the editor.

    Then in the right column of your screen at the bottom, click “set a featured image” link and select a photo in the gallery. Do not foget to select “set this image as featured image” before closing the popup.

    3) In the right column of your screen, under “Porfolio categories, check the relevant category.

    Click “Publish”. You’r done.

    4) To have this magnificent portfolio appearing in your menu, create an empty page with a title of your choise (example : My pics), select “portfolio” as template in the right column, publish it.
    Al you have to do then is to add it to your menu (Appearance > Menu).

    You can add as many categories as you like. Just follow this tutorial.

    I hope I will make your day 😉

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  • This theme has only 2 locations, one is footer menu and other is header menu, question is about 4 step, what kind of meniu i must to put in? I still stuck with this.

    THANK YOU!!!! I still don’t get this theme but i’m slowly figuring it out.

    My pleasure 😉

    @ Sxiperio

    Do not go to the theme. Select the menu from the left column of WordPress:

    Appearance > Menu

    and select an existing menu (or create one). Then all you have to do is including the article where you have your portfolio by ticking the little box next to the article.

    Can I use this feature in the following manner?

    I teach at a yoga studio.
    I want the Portfolio to display our Workshops, so I created a Portfolio Page (Add New) for 3 workshops.

    I then created a Page called Workshops, with type being “Portfolio.”

    I then put the Workshops page under one of the 5(!) Main Menu options – it becomes a “drop down.”

    When I select it it shows the three workshops side by side.

    But when I try and click on any of the workshops, it goes to a blank page with just the heading of the site and background.

    I notice the URL of each workshop has /portfolio-page/ in it.

    Another way I tried to do this is abandon the Portfolio altogether, create a separate POST for each workshop, then create a PAGE with type Blog – except I don’t see where you can specify a tag of “Workshops” to filter it.

    The maintenance of this site has fallen on me more or less on a voluntary basis, so I really appreciate any clues!


    OK there’s a third way: forget the Portfolio and Page, and simply add the Workshops Category in the Main or Footer menu.
    It would have been nice to have all the workshops displayed side-by-side…
    What I guess I really should be using is a Calendar plug-in. So much to learn…

    Thank you generalsebert for your instructions. Like jencleveland says, I still don’t “get” this theme and this Portfolio seems non-intuitive and convoluted.
    Why create a Page? For a simple solution I ended up skipping that step and simply creating a custom link to the Portfolio page itself under Appearance>Menus. It’s not really pretty: it just organizes the shots below in 2 columns and if you click on one, it lets you page through them:

    – ignore all those Facebook buttons – I’m still try to figure out why there are so many of them, and how to get those related posts to disappear or go UNDER that Portfolio! Bah!


    I’ve got two problems with the portfolio.
    1) When you click on a header in the portfolio you end up at an empty page so there is something wrong in the navigation, which I unfortunately cannot find
    2) The text in the portfolio is sometimes longer then the space in the box for that specific project
    You can visit the portfolio at

    Hope anyone can help. Thanks in advance.


    Thank you for this guide…just a quick question, in your Step 2 instructions, where is “Insert a Gallery”? I don’t have that option on the pop-up…

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