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  • I’m using this theme for my website at For some reason the images of the featured posts on the bottom half of the screen don’t align on the home page in a number of browsers (I tested IE, firefox, chrome). This is the last thing I want to get fixed before I can really say the website is done. Who can provide some help? I’ve looked at the code and can’t see anything strange. I’m no expert however.

    Your help will be much appreciated.

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  • Looks okay in Firefox, so don’t know what to say other than if the problem is in IE, good luck. IE (at least older versions) is notoriously horrible on rendering web pages like the rest of the world.

    Are the photos in that section all the same and correct size (295 x 150) BEFORE you upload them? I know they show up the same size on the site, but if you are relying on WP to resize them, that might affect this.

    Also, the names of your images are weird (or maybe I’m just not up on this kind of naming convention.)

    Having the size and dimensions in the name is something kind of strange — but like I said, maybe that’s me. But you could try changing them to:

    <img alt="YOU ALSO NEED TO PUT SOMETHING HERE" src="" width="195" height="150">

    That’s the standard convention for images so it would likely fix your problem. Also, as noted in the code above, you really need to include alternate text for all photos on your site. It’s important for SEO, browser readers (i.e. someone who may not be able to see well or is simply using a reader), and compliant code.

    imho, the position will depend on the length of the excerpts;

    possibly add a min-height to the text:

    .feat-post p { min-height: 150px; }

    adjust the number value…



    petervg1810, please tell me, what plugin you use for online shop?

    @sergio. It’s not a shop plugin. The products come from They support iframes. So I installed the iframe plugin and it works perfectly.

    petervg1810, your site looks great. I am using the same template and wondered how you got rid of the blank header and how you moved the social plugins to the side. I have tried to upload a header but it just won’t show up and leaves the area blank. ( I am just now starting my webstore/blog and am IT illiterate, so the simpler the explanation…the better. Also, any thoughts on an All In One SEO plugin? Any help would be appreciated.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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