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    I am trying to create a blog using a theme that is already working in two of my blogs
    under wordpress 2.0
    under wordpress 1.5.1

    I have installed the new blog, and then added the same theme at

    For some reason, it doesn’t look right. The font gets smaller and smaller as you go down the page.
    I was intending to change the background, remove the border to the photos and a few other things, but first, I would really like to understand what is going wrong.
    Thanks in advance for any help.

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  • I’m guessing you have a font size as a percentage , which needs to be told to be 100% again…if that makes any sense??

    Thanks for answering, splosh!

    Sorry to ask stupid questions, but would that be in the stylesheet or in the template?

    In the stylesheet, it says 90%, but then why does it work in the other two blogs?

    It doesnt make sense I agree..

    what happens if you add some posts under the pictures?..

    I tried on the last picture in the page, and it’s practically impossible to read LOL as the letters are so small!!!

    ccf, that can sometimes happen if there’s an unclosed div tag in your theme files (in the *.php files, actually). Take a look – even though it’s the same theme as working elsewhere, it’s easy enough to accidentally delete something….

    vkaryl, you saved my life! There WAS an unclosed div tag in my template file. Closing it fixed everything. Thank you soooo much!

    You’re welcome! Amazing how some little thing like that can so dramatically screw things up….

    Also how it doesn’t screw things up in the other two blogs…
    I don’t dare to change anything to the other two.
    If it ain’t broke… LOL


Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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