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    As stated in the title, I’m using the WooThemes Bueno theme, a free one from their site (it’s actually a compressed modification from DynamicWP, which I’m trusting as a reputable site since it was mentioned on

    I’m posting here on the forums to see if someone can maybe help me, since WooThemes doesn’t provide support for its free themes, and I can’t afford an ongoing subscription. The problem I have is with multipage posts — the page navigation doesn’t seem to show up, and I am not at all familiar with CSS or PHP, so I wouldn’t be able to, off the bat, just go in to one of the template code files and figure out how to make my page numbers appear.

    I’m wondering if anyone else uses this theme and can help me out here, to get my page numbers to appear in multipage posts. I use the plugin “Ultimate TinyMCE” to aid me in adding page breaks, and on other themes the page numbers show up. But I’ve finally gotten my blog to look just the way I want it to, and don’t want to go in and fuss around with other themes just to make page numbers appear.

    I posted a “dummy” article with just Lorem Ipsum text so you could see what I mean (I have actual articles in the queue that I’m not going to post here). The Latin text is supposed to appear on the second page, after where it says “1914 translation by H. Rackham.” But if you look at the post, there aren’t any page numbers to navigate by.

    Please help. I’d hate to have to start from scratch for a little thing like page numbers. But it is very important to me and I’m wondering what can be done.

    Thanks very much in advance to anyone who can help.


    “Dummy” article at my website

    HTML version (from HTML editor), with page-break codes (Pastebin)>

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  • OK, I’ve given up on Woo Themes since a lot of other people online think they’re pretty sucky when it comes to support. The theme costs $0 but you’re on your own in terms of help — for $75/month.

    I’ll just switch to another theme and delay the opening of the blog. Sigh. Thanks anyway to anyone who may have looked at this post.

    I also ran into problems with Woo Themes, and there is no help out there for them. Short of paying them a monthly fee.
    In my opinion they should be banned/or black balled out of the marketplace. I will delete the Gazette theme that came free with the Amazon plugin Zon-builder, because Woo Themes are nothing but a time waster.

    I have worked with computers/software for many years, and I will say without any equivocation; “Woo Themes Suck.” They appear to be one of those companies that believe in the motto…If you can’t dazzle with brilliance, baffle em with BS.”

    I was really glad to find you post, because for a time I was under the impression that I was the problem. Thank you for restoring my techie self-confidence…

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