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  • Hello all;

    I am wondering if anyone knows of a WordPress theme that categorizes differently from the usual sidebar method? I can’t seem to find one. Basically I want a theme that you can add image headers too, or at least image headers to actual posts.

    For example, see… I know this is not a WordPress site, but it is CSS and seems like it could be done with WordPress. Just wondering if anyone has seen a nice clean theme that is not like the usual text-only headers, but rather you can add an image header to an individual post within a category.

    ALSO, my hosting company I use, has only has one SQL database per web site account. I have two accounts with them. The problem is, I have about 8 websites, and I want to have WordPress blogs on about half of them. Anyone know of any good hosting companies that allow more than one website IP address, and more than one SQL database?

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  • Well, most quality hosts will allow you a certain # of mysql databases… I use, but go back and forth in a love/hate relationship with them. Other people are really obsessed with dreamhost…. but I have no experience with them. I have worked on several Media Temple hosted sites for clients but they are expensive.

    I know this isn’t ideal, but how large will these sites be? you could always changed the table prefix for your WP install, and run all 8 on the same database.

    re: your image headers question — if i understand you right you just want to add a background image to the header for categories? is it a specific header for each category? Or is it the same image for all? If for all you could just define whatever the class/html tag for your category header is like:

    .category_header {
    background-image: url(“path/to/image.gif”);

    If it’s a different images you want displayed for each category header you would probably need to use conditionals.

    hey, thanks for the comments. Hmm I am not familiar with conditionals. Really I want a header for EACH POST not just categories, but this is probably impossible.

    Also for the websites, I want to be able to have other people post on user accounts, so I am not sure if one sql database would work. For example, I want to convert one of my sites, into a CSS layout so I can change the categories or whatever without having to go through each page. For that site, I just need TWO categories, or perhaps two categories with sub categories in each, and it would be cool to have image headers for the different categories.

    one mysql database is just fine for multiple blogs. just change the prefix in each blog’s wp-config.php and you’re golden.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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