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    I’m trying to change the font-family of some heading text; however, I cannot find the CSS for it.

    I’ve searched in every .css file I have access to and still can’t find it. When I inspect the heading in Chrome it shows the font-family line of CSS and says it is located in, not style.css or any .css file. How do I access this CSS?

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  • WPyogi


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    Which heading? Perhaps it’s in custom CSS or theme options) – which looks like it may be in the head of the site?

    I’m looking specifically at the navigation bar – I’d like to add a specific font to the beginning of the font family. When I inspect this is what I see, referencing the URL, not a .css file…

    h3#comments-title, h3#reply-title, .menu_bar, .mobile_menu_bar, #author-info, #infobar, #nav-above, #nav-below, #cancel-comment-reply-link, .form-allowed-tags, #site-info, #site-title, #wp-calendar, #comments-title, .comment-meta, .comment-body tr th, .comment-body thead th, .entry-content label, .entry-content tr th, .entry-content thead th, .entry-format, .entry-meta, .entry-title, .entry-utility, #respond label, .navigation, .page-title, .pingback p, .reply, .widget-title, .wp-caption-text, input[type=submit]
    font-family: “Century Gothic”,Arial,sans-serif;

    …holy jumble, but I really just want to put one silly font on that line!



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    That just applies that font to all those elements – and it does look like it’s in theme options. You may be able to change it for just the navigation by adding this to your custom CSS (do not change theme files directly)

    #access .menu {
      font-family: ...;

    But really, I’d recommend checking out the Weaver forums here:

    They have really great info and support – and that theme has tons of options so there’s likely a better way to do it :).

    Thanks – I did head over to the Weaver support page and they were able to help me out. I’m used to using more CSS hands on themes and Weaver is definitely heavy on the admin panel options.

    And just in case anyone else stumbles upon this, here is the discussion on the Weaver forum…

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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