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  1. chackowsky
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Using Artisteer 2.5 themes, I find that I can no longer pull the themes' style into the TinyMCE Advanced editor. I'm trying this code in editor-style.css:

    @include "style.css";
    body  {
    	background-image: none;
    	width: 630px;
    	border-right-style: dashed;
    	border-right-color: grey;
    	border-right-width: 2px;

    I've also tried leaving out the body {}, but this used to work in previous WP versions.

    The idea is, I want to make the editor width the same as the theme's, and show a right margin with the dashed grey border. I also want to use the same fonts and headings as the theme does, hence the @include.

    Is this an Artisteer thing or am I "doing it all wrong"?

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