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    Hi Guys,

    I was wondering if there was a way of resetting a themes CSS code back to default, as i’ve changed it around (stupidly) and now i can’t get it back!

    Any help would be much appreciated!


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  • Hi Greg,
    download a copy of the Vantage theme, or use the original one you downloaded.
    Copy the style.css file from the original to the theme directory of your working site.

    If you’ve not modified any other files in the theme (you SHOULD be using a child theme instead of changing the parent for this very reason 😉 then you could merely upload the original parent theme again and all will be well. Switch temporarily to activating twenty fourteen or any other theme, delete the parent, then upload the original parent again.

    If you don’t change any other settings… you should find that all theme options are still enabled when you reactivate the parent.

    If you need hands-on help, we can do this for you as well 😉


    I think i’ve just made this 100x worse.

    I thought I would be able to delete the whole Vantage Code and then try re-download it, however I have no idea where to go from there.. Oh dear!

    Is there anyway of getting this code back!? HELP!

    Thanks, Greg.

    Hi Greg,
    would you be willing to share the url of your site please so we can help you get sorted?

    this is usually a ‘no-brainer’ rescue for us… so don’t sweat it 😉

    We’re here … please provide the url and we’ll get on it.


    That’s brilliant news!

    As you can see, it’s now changed to basic text and no theme at all..

    Thanks again Spence,


    Hi Greg,
    yes… you have “nuked” your style.css in the parent theme..for sure 😉

    No worries, same advice applies. If you want to follow step by step, you can do it directly. If you want some hands-on help, we can go further.

    Step one – download the original premium theme again if you don’t have it handy.
    Step two – copy the style.css file from the parent theme, and paste it to your vantage premium parent theme where the current style.css is located

    Step one – open up the current (“nuked”) style.css in your parent theme, and go to: and copy and paste the content of this file to that style.css via ftp and text editor, and save.

    Either way, you’ll be back to up and running. I’ve tested it on your site, and though you’ve got other mods that are messing up the site a bit, that will put your parent back in order 😉

    If you need a little hands-on “TLC”, I’m happy to get it done for you as well… no sweat.


    Hi Spence,

    Yeah i’ve noticed the site is abit messed up, would we be able to sort that?

    Thanks, Greg.

    Hi Greg,
    Absolutely… let’s get you sorted asap!
    [ contact info redacted ]


    Hi Spence,

    As much as I appreciate your help so far, you’ve been great, I can’t really afford to spend that much more money on the site.. Will this help advice cost me?

    Thanks, Greg

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Brute Squad and Volunteer Moderator

    Side note: @labzip (Spence) Please keep support on the forums and not ask or suggest people contact you outside of the forums.

    Note that I am not accusing you of any ill will! But that sort of thing is actively discouraged here. 😉

    @gregdougherty If you feel you need support at a level greater than these volunteer forums (and that’s perfectly alright BTW) then please consider posting to instead. Conversations about payment typically get shutdown quickly per the forum welcome.

    If you’re using the premium version of that theme (not from the theme repository in WordPress.ORG) then what you really need to do is contact the theme author for support. That premium theme is not one that is supported in these forums.

    You might be able to just install a fresh copy of that theme via FTP.

    However… if you mean the version that is hosted in these forums


    post a support topic there and you may get the attention of the theme author.

    Sorry Jan,
    won’t happen again 😉

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