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    I unzipped a couple of themes. uploaded the theme folders to wp-content/themes (

    i can see the folders sitting there with the Default and Classic folders. there are indexPHP and styleCSS files in each folder

    but when i try to switch themes in the admin/presentation area all i see are default and classic as my options.

    I cleared my cache, that didn’t solve it.

    I will really appreciate any help you can offer.

    thank you

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  • Eric Amundson


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    Strange. Do you mean index.php and style.css? Have you looked inside these uploaded theme folders to make sure all files were copied?

    What version WP?

    yeah i mean index.php and style.css

    and yes both folder appear to have all the files.

    wp v2.1

    i just dl wp a few days ago…im very new to this




    what is the url to your blog?

    i just tried to upload a plugin with the same results as the themes….

    Do you upload every theme in its own directory?
    Like wp-content/themes/mynewtheme/ ?
    Also, sometimes, during the unzip/upload some themes get into a double folder mytheme/mytheme…

    my directory looks like so:

    the folders did unzip as mynewtheme/mynewtheme/files
    but i put the file-containing folder on the server….

    i dont know if that is clear, but in a nutshell, yes all the folders look right.

    i just shot an email to the server admin…i am thinking he may have set everything up in a special hidden folder or a non-local folder not knowing i needed to tweak it?….(When he set up a mySQL DB he emailed me back and had installed WP himself)

    when i log in via ftp there is no “wp” folder, and my blog is set up at

    I am uploading themes and plugins directly to
    in my case should there be an actual “wp” folder in my root dir?…or does /wp auto read the PHP code from wp-content folder???

    than ks for the help thus far…i do appreciate it!

    when i log in via ftp there is no “wp” folder

    That’s strange, because you should upload everything into the root/wp/wp-content/themes or /plugins

    Who is your host? *the next logical question)

    my host is a buddy of mine who is taking a nap at the moment..ha…

    i am almost positive we found the problem…i think he must have the /wp folder non-local or hidden…perhaps he already had a DB set up somewhere else and set up wp there and has a script pointing there from a “virtual folder”…if that makes sense?? as you can see I am not very techy! just a newbie pushing buttons….ha

    i will post with new info once i talk to him…


    .i think he must have the /wp folder non-local or hidden

    this indeed was the problem.


    i’m sure i will be back with more questions at some point.


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Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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