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  • Earlier today, I bought the premium version of the Pitch theme. Everything went smoothly until I backed out because the installation was taking more than half an hour. Now, WordPress tells me that the theme is broken and I have no way of going in to reinstall it.

    I’ve tried uploading the .zip with the theme, but it stops making any sort of upload progress at the “Installing theme” line. This is really devastating, as most of the elements on my website were designed for Pitch, and the theme’s been reverted to the 2010 WordPress default.

    When I hop on the editor for the theme, this message is displayed:

    This theme is broken. Template is missing.

    It says it’s missing a stylesheet, but I have no way of uploading the one from the pitch folder on my computer to remedy this.

    Could anyone help me out here? I really don’t want to have spent $10 for this mess.

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