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    Theme Update – Woocommerce Product Pages, Main Container Shifted to Top of Page

    Hi all, any help would be hugely appreciated on this one.

    Since updating to the most recent version of the theme a couple of hours ago, all individual product pages have shifted to the top of the page, behind the menu, header etc.

    Interestingly, this has not affected any other pages, only the Woocommerce individual product pages.

    Have disabled various plugins and snippets, no improvement.
    Everything was fine yesterday, only noticed since the update a few hours ago.

    Hope you can help!


    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • I’m having the same problem. Thought it was me. Hope they get back to us soon.

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    @criverajc Hopefully, I have seen a handful of others commenting on the same issues, glad to see I’m not alone, I have been in a bit of a panic

    @b4zman – I panicked a little, too, and my shop isn’t even live yet – I’m running on a test site. I hope they fix this soon. I’m poking around some of the pages to see if I can find where the problem is, but my knowledge of PHP is very limited. 🙁

    FYI, I just checked and the Cart, Checkout, and My Account pages are having the same problem.

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    Same! I daren’t look inside the theme files, just tried a little custom CSS I found on other forums, but nothing seems to work.

    It’s good that you have been able to test!
    I’ve started to get the ball rolling, and will sadly be experimenting with Storefront to see if I can get a similar site running through that, I sadly can’t really afford to deal with the unreliabilities 🙁

    Hopefully it will be fixed, will be sad if it is not 🙁

    Blog pages, too (single blog pages, not blog lists) 🙁

    UPDATE: Only blog posts WITHOUT a featured image. Blog posts with a featured image are displaying correctly. I tested by adding a featured image to a post that didn’t have one.

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    Hi there,
    We’re currently looking into this issue. We’ll respond with a temporary solution and fix this issue on an update soon. Thanks for your patience.

    I did a little investigating using the Inspector and found that on the pages with the problem header, the header is using a style named “tg-site-header–transparent” while the pages without the problem are not using this style. I don’t know which page/function is applying this transparent style to the header, but when I erased the style name in the Inspector, the page content moved down to its correct place below the header.

    I couldn’t find a way to upload photos here, so I posted them on my site and here are links:

    Page with Correct Header

    Page with Problem Header

    Hope this helps us get a solution soon. 🙂

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    Hello everybody,
    There are two ways to fix this issue:
    1. Adding the following CSS inside Customize > Additional CSS ( Easy one ):

    body.single-product.has-transparent-header.elementor-editor-active .tg-site-header {
    	z-index: unset;
    .single-product.has-transparent-header:not(.blog) .site-content {
    	margin-top: 80px;
        margin-bottom: 80px;
    .single-product {
    	position: unset;
    	top: unset;
    	z-index: unset;
    	height: unset;
    	width: unset;
    	background: unset;

    2. Using a child theme:
    * You can create a child theme or directly download it from here:

    * Then, unzip the zip file, edit the functions.php file of the child theme and add this code at the end of it:

    * Zip the file again, upload to your site and activate the child theme.

    3. Edit the theme’s file.
    * You can edit zakra/inc/helpers.php file where you’ll see following code at around line number 26: There, you can delete the code in the above link and add this one:

    I hope this works for everybody. If not, please feel free to ask again here or via Chat Support.


    Also, we’re going to release an update with the fix soon (most probably today).

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    Hi Ashish

    Thanks so much for your help, the custom CSS worked perfectly (although I adjusted the margins to my taste).

    Looking forward to updating the theme for this to be all integrated.

    Many thanks for the quick help

    Hi, @b4zman,
    Great to hear that. Once you get the update, please remove the above code/changes and still should work. Also, thanks for informing about this issue. We’re ready to deploy the update. However, it might take some more time to release.

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    Cool, thanks very much!

    Thanks so much Ashish @themegrillteam! I’m already using a child theme, so I just added the code in option 2 to the child theme functions.php file.

    I see they added this fix to the demo file on

    Things are working fine on the product pages, but the following pages still have this problem:
    1) Blog pages with NO featured image (those with featured images are OK)
    2) The Cart page
    3) The Checkout page

    You can see this on the Zakra demo file here:
    Blog page: Zakra Hello World Post

    To see it on the Cart and Checkout pages in the demo, add an item to the cart, then click Proceed to Checkout.

    Just want to make sure that when they update that these pages are also taken care of.

    By the way, is there any way to get rid of the sidebar on the Cart and Checkout pages, or is that a WooCommerce issue?

    Thanks again for all of your help.

    Christine 🙂

    As soon as I finished posting this I went back to my site and saw the new Zakra theme update. Thanks for the speedy update. The 3 pages mentioned above are still showing the header issue. I guess they need to check all of the pages and issue another update.

    Thanks again for all of your help. 🙂

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    Hi, @criverajc
    Thanks for letting us know about this. We’ll definitely consider it and fix it in the upcoming update ( today if possible 🙂 ). Also, let me know if you need a temporary fix.

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