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  • Plugin Contributor Jan Maat


    The previous/next links invoke an ajax call. You get the 500 error from the admin-ajax.php which is the correct receiver for the ajax call.
    This page only checks on the action set in the plugin. I had a quick look into the script. However it is beyond my scope and take to much time to investigate.



    Thanks Jan,

    Yes, I figured as much. It probably is just a small detail somewhere in these 100 lines of code. But being more of a front-end guy I can’t find the error.

    Maybe someone else can have a look at it. Or maybe someone can tell me how much work it would be to fix it, I guess I could pay for an hour or so.

    As far as I see it checks the theme version, pings the API and if there is a newer version it updates the theme. And I have no idea how any of that could break the plugins functionality.

    Thankful for any suggestions.

    // TEMP: Enable update check on every request. Normally you don't need this! This is for testing only!
    //set_site_transient('update_themes', null);
    // NOTE: All variables and functions will need to be prefixed properly to allow multiple plugins to be updated
    /******************Change this*******************/
    $api_url = '';
    /*******************Child Theme******************
    //Use this section to provide updates for a child theme
    //If using on child theme be sure to prefix all functions properly to avoid
    //function exists errors
        $theme_data = wp_get_theme(get_option('stylesheet'));
        $theme_version = $theme_data->Version;
    } else {
        $theme_data = get_theme_data( get_stylesheet_directory() . '/style.css');
        $theme_version = $theme_data['Version'];
    $theme_base = get_option('stylesheet');
    /***********************Parent Theme**************/
        $theme_data = wp_get_theme(get_option('template'));
        $theme_version = $theme_data->Version;
    } else {
        $theme_data = get_theme_data( TEMPLATEPATH . '/style.css');
        $theme_version = $theme_data['Version'];
    $theme_base = get_option('template');
    //Uncomment below to find the theme slug that will need to be setup on the api server
    add_filter('pre_set_site_transient_update_themes', 'check_for_update');
    function check_for_update($checked_data) {
    	global $wp_version, $theme_version, $theme_base, $api_url;
    	$request = array(
    		'slug' => $theme_base,
    		'version' => $theme_version
    	// Start checking for an update
    	$send_for_check = array(
    		'body' => array(
    			'action' => 'theme_update',
    			'request' => serialize($request),
    			'api-key' => md5(get_bloginfo('url'))
    		'user-agent' => 'WordPress/' . $wp_version . '; ' . get_bloginfo('url')
    	$raw_response = wp_remote_post($api_url, $send_for_check);
    	if (!is_wp_error($raw_response) && ($raw_response['response']['code'] == 200))
    		$response = unserialize($raw_response['body']);
    	// Feed the update data into WP updater
    	if (!empty($response))
    		$checked_data->response[$theme_base] = $response;
    	return $checked_data;
    // Take over the Theme info screen on WP multisite
    add_filter('themes_api', 'my_theme_api_call', 10, 3);
    function my_theme_api_call($def, $action, $args) {
    	global $theme_base, $api_url, $theme_version, $api_url;
    	if ($args->slug != $theme_base)
    		return false;
    	// Get the current version
    	$args->version = $theme_version;
    	$request_string = prepare_request($action, $args);
    	$request = wp_remote_post($api_url, $request_string);
    	if (is_wp_error($request)) {
    		$res = new WP_Error('themes_api_failed', __('An Unexpected HTTP Error occurred during the API request.</p> <p><a href="?" onclick="document.location.reload(); return false;">Try again</a>'), $request->get_error_message());
    	} else {
    		$res = unserialize($request['body']);
    		if ($res === false)
    			$res = new WP_Error('themes_api_failed', __('An unknown error occurred'), $request['body']);
    	return $res;
    if (is_admin())
    	$current = get_transient('update_themes');
Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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