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    After the WP update to 4.9 I thought it couldn´t harm to try the Fifteen theme update from to the new available 2.1.4 …. well, a big surprise was waiting for me. Thanks god I did a complete backup and tried the update with a child theme I created for such operations. The complete layout was destroyed, the menue was missing, font styles and sizes were different etc. – what a disaster 🙁

    Has anyone tried this theme update, receiving similar results ?

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  • chatanat2


    Hello Singlecoil,

    I meet exactly the same trouble in updating the Fifteen Theme. I loose all the title, the layout.. more than one month and a half of work. So, I recover the previous version of my website and I decide that I will no proceed to update of this theme till the resolve the trouble.

    I don’t know if you publish many contents on your website, but perhaps it’s better to recover your previous version.



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    No, my page is more or less static with only some pics and special items being updated from time to time. Since I performed the theme update on a child theme no further action had to be taken, I simply deleted the child theme and that´s it – the original theme with the published webpage (= the mother theme) is still on the old and I have no plans to try the update again until Inkhive solved the problems with their theme.



    Ok I see. Contrary to me, when I proceed to the update, all my layout was broken. I’ve got more pictures and videos than texts.
    I loose all the title, the menu and many contents in the Website.
    So I decided to recover the previous version.
    I hope Inkhive will give us a better version to proceed to the update. Because in the other case, I will not udpate.
    We’ll see! Have a nice day.



    Same for me. A total disaster. Emailed them many times and no replies but thats the same as here. Impossible to trust these guys.

    Updates should improve things not change themes beyond all recognition.

    Reducing the menus from 3 to 2 is a totally arbitrary decision and made it impossible for us to continue using it so a lot of hard work just lost.

    And what is this “more from the Blog” crap? Its an image portfolio theme not a blog. Not even a reply on how to change that heading although it should never have been there in the first place.

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    I can honestly say that I´m not amused about this “update” (or should we call it “downgrade” to be more precise ?!?) but I have good experiences with the Inkhive support, even that I use the free version of the theme.

    I contacted them several times via E-Mail and the live-support feature from their website ( and they always replied, offering a working solution or at least a workaround for the problems I had with their theme.

    If they now not react I think it´s because they are simply burried under E-Mails from desperate users, trying to update their theme.

    Let´s see what will happen in the nearer future, hopefully they will release another update that really works.

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    Inkhive just released version 2.1.5, anyone tried it ?

    Yes, I tried it, it’s still broken. My child theme doesn’t work with it anymore. It’s as if it were a completely different theme.

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