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  • The only CSS I see in that child theme is

    #colophon a{
    color: #960014;

    I doubt the footer php code was added either.

    Follow the step by step instructions I posted above, once you do that, if there’s an issue I’ll help with it.

    When I copy the footer.php and function.php into the twentytwelve-child directory, I can’t pull up any file in the child theme directory while using Appearance/Editor from the dashboard. I will it again right now. Get right back to you. Thanks.

    Oh, do I copy the footer.php and function.php from the twenty-twelve directory into twentytwelve-child directory, or am i supposed to create a child file for each? That’s where I’m getting mixed up a little. Will wait to hear your response. Thanks.

    copy footer.php from twenty twelve to your child theme folder, add the code to it.

    create a functions.php file and put it in your child theme folder then add the code to it.
    You cant copy the functions.php from twenty twelve because the functions in it will conflict with the parent theme.

    Ok. I re-read your comment above using the twenty plus lite download. Activated it in Themes Options and attempted to try it in Appearance-Widget. Presently all of my widgets which I want on the right side bar were basically drag and drop. After installing twenty plus lite, it placed only 2 widgets into the first front page and the balance of widgets bumped down to second front page box. Is that ok? And I think I use widget section widget to place my footer links in. Is that correct? When I did have the footer widgets working in twenty eleven, I created a menu in Appearance-Menu for each link title and link so that it laid out in column format with three columns utilizing 4 menus (2 menu widgets in one widget section. That’s the format I’m looking for. Can you give me a simple step. I can see that I can add tabs but the second tab isn’t the same format as the first in that it looks like it calls for HTML rather than for the pages for each menu. Yours does look really nice if I can get this part figured out.

    There are 3 footer widgets, and then the main sidebar in Appearance > Options. Arrange your widgets there. It’s a new theme so it won’t use whatever menus and widgets you had set in Twenty Twelve until you reset them.

    As for the html, I have no idea what you’re talking about.

    Use this the same as you would Twenty Twelve, visit Appearance > Theme Options to choose from a few settings.

    Zeaks, I have your plus lite installed, the widgets in the MAIN Sidebar (figured out how to add and place), and there are First Front Page Widget Area and Second Front Page Widget Area. Nothing else. I did place 2 custom widgets in the First and 1 custom widget in the Second. These 3 custom widgets are pages. When I go to the first page of my site, the MAIN is there perfect but nothing else below the MAIN or in the footer area. I didn’t copy any of the other 3 steps/instructions above you gave earlier above, but merely copied the twentytwelve plus lite directory into my theme directory and then activated it in Admin and followed the setup of the theme. One thing I notice, consistently when I delete child themes and or add child themes, my page “Home” which is the Reading-Static page gets moved to the trash in pages so I have to restore it and change a few things to get it back to normal. So, what can I do now to get my footers to show? I notice that there are 2 Inactive Sidebars (not used) and 1 Inactive Sidebar.

    If you’re just seeing the main sidebar and front page widgets, then you didn’t install it properly. You should just install the theme like any other, not copy the contents to another theme folder. <– how to install themes <– widget area should look like this.

    If I edit the files like you said with the code above, everything in admin hangs up and now I can’t access my admin dashboard.

    Why are you editing any files, you just said you installed my child theme??

    I did, but then I got confused. If I install the plus lite, do I need to code any of the code you linked to way at the beginning for adding to in footer.php, function.php and style.css? If not, then the widgets don’t set up like because only 3 widget areas are available even when I reset up the sidebars. The main shows perfectly but nothing else does.

    Does the 3 links for footer, function, and style add code to those same files in your plus lite link folder, or where? That’s what I am getting confused about. Please bear with me.

    Install the theme. Appearance > Themes > Install > upload, then activate it. Visit Appearance > Widgets, if you don’t see widget areas like in that image, you did something wrong.

    You don’t add any code to anything if you’re using my theme. The code was only if you’re making your own child theme.

    Good luck.

    Ok. Got it installed and am now customizing it. The widget page looks just like you showed me. I will finish setting it up and see how it looks. Thanks very much Zeaks. Looked around your website and you got some really good info. I won’t close this until I finish. Thanks again.

    Ok. The template looks great and everything is where it needs to be. However, In the theme and appearance-header image is uploaded and shows but not on the page. In the appearance-background, it should be color #960014 (red) but the image is tiled on it. re-did it twice and same effect. Cleared cache 3 times nothing changes. And I just need the footer to have the same color (#960014) as the background color should be. Almost there. I attempted to change things in both the Appearance/themes and Appearance/header and Appearance/background so I’m lost on that.

    I’d say it’s your cache, I don’t even see footer widgets, or the proper css when I view source.

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