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  • We have waited and waited and waited for 2012!
    Obviously we expected something extraordinary,
    like for instance the possibility to add your
    own logo in an easy way, and other features.
    But what do we get? Just a simple basic blog! 🙁
    A nice font and a front page template isn’t
    even close……I am still in shock!

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  • Moderator Andrew Nevins


    I’m a happy customer of Twenty Twelve and any theme I acquire for free.
    The original poster of this thread does not include me, in “we”.

    So you have not waited for Twenty Twelve?
    Anyway, I am happy for you Andrew!

    klasg: I am agree. I consider Twenty Twelve as a step back.

    why are you disappointed – what were you expecting? Personally the ability to easily customize the code in twenty twelve and making it responsive is great.

    I believe folks still misunderstand the intent of the default WordPress themes…. (which 2012 will soon be). They are never going to be the flashiest themes. They will certainly never have numerous options.

    The intent has always been to provide a way to demonstrate the built in features on a lightweight, simple, stylish, and well coded foundation. One which is easy to modify through child themes.

    Firstly I must say that it’s really amazing to get WP
    and numerous themes for free! No doubt about that at all.
    Well, after 2010 and 2011 themes, that were really good
    and had lots of features and options, it feels like a step
    back, as togur says.
    All the waiting for 2012, and what would be even better, I
    thought, just ended up in a huge anti climax for me.
    To me 2012 is, as a said, ‘just’ a simple blog….
    What is new? What is better? I thought it was supposed to be
    a development.
    Maybe I over react, I just hoped for so much more…..
    Not everyone is a programmer or have the understanding to do
    the necessary work to adapt the theme.
    What about a theme which include a bunch of options you can
    adapt within the dashboard itself, like your own logo?
    I think a theme like that would become a huge success.

    What about a theme which include a bunch of options you can
    adapt within the dashboard itself, like your own logo?

    A WP default theme will never have huge amounts of options – it just won’t happen.

    There are so many other themes being developed that can give you all the options you could ever want. WordPress default themes (2010, 2011, 2012, etc) are always going to be lightweight, probably minimal looking, very few options, no bells and whistles, etc.

    I have been waiting as well and only just recently began playing around with it, and so far the only thing I feel the dev’s missed was adding the widget footer options as in 2010. I am sure as I work with it I will find more things, but I like having a clean uncluttered place to start child theme from.. and all the basics are there.



    Font hero

    Everyone get a fair share of disappointment, in a different way.

    A defaut theme should has less option, less pre-defined pre-determined anything, the css should leave room for customization ( e.g., it should never use specific class for font-size)

    Everything in 2012 is great excepts the use of rem and the so called “mobile first” approach.

    There is nothing wrong with using rem excepts that it’s too new. Each rem will come with px fallback for ie, the css file becomes too bloated. ( we should go with just px or just em , and if rem is really really better then use only rem and forget px fallback. )

    The thing about “mobile first” is that it’s just a concept or preference not industry standard ( and I don’t think it will ever be. )

    The rem has me confused as well. I have tried looking for a pixel = rem for this particular wp theme, but not luck. That would be a handy document for sure. I am mathematically challenged as it is, so don’t go and tell me to do it! LOL.

    I agree with you klasg… It is not even close to what I have expected from it…

    I like this theme a lot because its easy to understand ( I am not a profi) and its a really good base for a childtheme i will use it for all my sites as abase and change it with a childtheme . By the way @dragonsjaw the footer you can get in using the sitebaroptions from the frontpage just place the files in the footer php in a childtheme this looks great!
    I used all the last three standardthemes, twenty ten was ok, twenty eleven i never arrived to understand it is very big and very complicate , twenty twelve is simple small responsive and highly customizable in a childtheme also for those that are not PHP experts.
    I don t like all the options ready in backoffice i prefer a theme that is clean and i can work with. This is from all Themes i used far the best and i use it as CMS and began to change all my sites to this theme without changing their look a lot but beeing responsive. Mobile first is the future i guess .
    Thanks to the theme author for this great work!

    – It took forever to be released
    – It’s plain looking
    – It doesn’t have any options
    – It only has 1 sidebar
    – It only has 1 layout
    – It only has 1 menu

    That’s one way of looking at it, another way might be

    – You can do so much with this theme since it lacks any fancy styles
    – It’s great as is or as a base to create your own theme
    – You can learn a lot by adding sidebars, menus and widget areas yourself
    – The thousands of WordPress tutorials on the internet explaining how to edit themes will finally be useful to you
    – It’s well coded
    – It works on mobile devices
    – It’s Free!

    You don’t have to use rem values in your child theme
    You don’t have to worry about it not working on mobile unless you don’t follow the coding.
    The mobile first approach is confusing at first, but it’s really just a matter of adding a bit of extra CSS to keep it working on any device.

    Plus, it’ll give me something to post about on my own site when I make all kinds of child themes with extra widgets, menus, and sidebars for people that don’t want to do it themselves. 🙂

    You don’t have to use rem values in your child theme
    You don’t have to worry about it not working on mobile unless you don’t follow the coding.

    Could you explain this please?
    If say I want to change a margin and use pixelsor ems in the child theme, won’t that throw off the responsive layout because rems weren’t used?

    No it won’t throw the responsive layout off. I’m not 100% sure what browsers use REM over PX, but I think they will use whatever is in the child theme over what is in the parent theme anyways.

    So there’s no need to use rem values in your child theme as far as I can see.

    Here’s an article that helped me understand a few things about Twenty Twelve.

    This is my own Twenty Twelve child theme which doesn’t use any REM and it works fine on mobile

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