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  • Twenty eleven is an awesome default themeā€¦It’s enabled me to create a great looking simple website in record time

    Just one last thing needed – in it’s default setup on a macbook pro 15′ (so probably worse on other laptops) only one line of content on the page is visible there is so much whitespace. (I’ve removed titles in page.php so maybe that makes a tiny bit of difference)

    I know this is wrong, but I’ve also already made changes to the theme as I’m using it for a website template rather than a blog (and I didn’t even know about child themes before searching on how to fix this one). Therefor I will do this properly with child themes in the future…

    However in the meantime I’d be most grateful therefor if someone could just point me to the right place to remove the *inch* of white space below the menu bar (the other whitespace looks great). I’ve tried all the below suggestions in style.css without success:

    Voodoos website suggestion:
    #main {
    clear: both;
    padding: 0.625em 0 0;
    / edited above from 1.625)*/

    did nothing – another popular suggestion below:

    #page {margin-top:0;}

    /*page {
    margin: 2em auto;
    max-width: 1000px; */

    Didn’t do anything, I hacked the below also thinking it may:

    #content {
    /* orig margin: 0 34% 0 7.6%; */
    margin: 0 10% 0 7.6%;

    Didn’t do anything, and then I also found: .hentry {padding: 0 0 3.5em;}
    /* I added the above*/

    Didn’t do anything

    I’d be grateful for any pointers.


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  • A link would be helpful so we can check it out in Firebug. Otherwise, we’re just guessing.



    here you go

    Not my site but someone with the same problem(mine is non public on AWS right now). Everyone must have this problem with this theme – I’m just wondering which is the part of the CSS is definately for this.


    It’s a combination of paddings

    the #main up above that you worked with already takes it down some

    .singular .hentry {
    	border-bottom: none;
    	padding: 4.875em 0 0;
    	position: relative;
    } .hentry {
    	padding: 3.5em 0 0;

    this does more. You can knock that padding down to reduce the white space further than #main allows

    Nice one Voodoo and very informative site. I intend to use it to use it when I get around to making a child theme.

    Thank you, I’m glad you like the site! I thought it filled a gap… It’s easy to find really basic WP info online, and really advanced stuff. But the intermediate, day-to-day stuff that I wanted to do was missing.

    Definitely fills the ‘how to customise to a reasonable degree’ requirement.

    Peredur, many thanks also. I just discovered FireBug! Amazing. Now I know how to drill into the specific element – Makes my hacking much less random.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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