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    I’m using Twenty Eleven and others have mentioned using an Image widget, but it’s not showing up as an available widget in my dashboard. It offers Pages, Links, Categories, Text, etc, but no Images. Is there some other way to place an image in my sidebar? I just want to display a couple simple images that can be clicked on for a link.

    (I’ve done no editing to my theme code and my only active plug-in is Twenty Eleven Theme Extensions.)

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  • There isn’t a specific Image Widget in Twenty Eleven by default, so you would need to install another plugin to gain this functionality. Unfortunately, I don’t know precisely which plugin adds the Image Widget that you’re referring to.

    Esmi, thanks for the quick response. I’m confused, though. I keep coming across posts and threads where bloggers mentioned that they use Image widgets in Twenty Eleven.

    And when I went into one of my blogs and switched it over to Twenty Eleven as an experiment, there was an option for an Image widget (and many more widgets in total than I’m seeing in my dashboard).

    Is Twenty Eleven different depending if I’m using or

    when I went into one of my blogs

    Aha! A blog running Twenty Eleven is quite different to a self-hosted WP install running Twenty Eleven. sites often have extra functionality by default.

    I just want to display a couple simple images that can be clicked on for a link.

    Why not just use a text widget? You’ll just have to put the <img> tag inside the <a> tag

    Thanks, esmi, I hadn’t known that. Darn.

    Ronangelo, I’m not familiar with CSS. I’m brand new from the side. It sounds like your suggestion would be fairly easy thing to do. Do you recommend a quick resource for getting my feet wet? (I sincerely apologize for being such a newbie!)

    <img> <a> are standard html tags. Tutorials on html are everywhere.

    You can add a text widget in the sidebar and add something like this

    <a href="" >
      <img src="" />

    The <a> contains the url you want to link to
    The <img> contains the image.

    Thanks ronangelo. I found a plug-in that works for this purpose: “Image Widget”. But if it somehow has problems down the road, I will use your advice. Thanks again.

    how did you get that “image Widget”?

    I also have another basic question. I have viewed several tutorials but haven’t come across the answer to this one: where are the CSS files. i can’t find them in the dashboard or on any of the pages.

    An Image Widget is a feature available in Jetpack.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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