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  • The Erudite theme gives erroneous sizes for fonts in divisions. For instance, paste this into html editor with the theme:

    <div>adding div around a line makes it too small</div>
    	<li>typing a list item with linebreaks
    gets font size enlarged!</li>
    This also makes syntax-highligher plugin display too small
    [code lang="c"] printf("Hello World!\n"); [/code]

    Any solution or work-around for these? In particular, other plugins that generate lists or other text often insert divs or lists that consequently get terrible formatting from large or small font sizes. Many thanks for suggestions and to Matt for making a great theme.

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  • I have just had a quick look at the css file, and I see:

    .entry-content p, .entry-content li, .entry-content dt, .entry-content dd {font-size:1.6em; margin-bottom:.75em;}
    It looks like this sets the text content a little larger than the base. I can see no setting to change the default font size for a div within the entry-content block (or indeed for div generally).

    You need to either add a css line for div in the entry block, or code the posts in a more compliant manner:
    <div>this is some text</div
    should be:
    <div><p>this is some text</p></div>

    the list item font change confuses me somewhat; strictly, unless you have put line breaks in, it should all appear in the same line anyway; looking at the inspect element details in chrome, there is some very odd formatting going on

    always a bit iffy having mutiple lines on list elements, I think perhaps another block type might be more suitable

    interesting though

    I only recently started using this theme and have only just had chance to have a play today – have not played with CSS for years.

    Theme Author Matt Wiebe


    This will be addresses in 3.1, which has been approved and should appear soon.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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