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  • I’m also seeing this issue. Drop down menus in Bootstrap theme do not work when I upgrade to WP 3.5. I’ve rolled back to WP 3.4.2 as well with no problem.

    Arg. Do we have to roll back, or (I hope, I hope, I hope) is there a fix for this yet?

    I’m sorry, I’ve been super busy lately. 🙁
    I’ll try to push out an update over the weekend though!

    YAY! thanks

    I’m having the same issue others have described with the Bootstrap for WordPress main and submenus.

    Simply, the submenus don’t show up no matter what you do. I did not want to go back to WordPress 3.4.2 (and potentially mess create another issue with other parts of the site), so I’ve had to leave a few of my menu groups messed up as hopefully a patch to fix the WordPress Bootstrap menu issue will come by in the next day (this weekend while the traffic is low). Thanks.

    Merry Christmas, the menu issue is fixed!

    I submitted the new version for review to the Theme Repository, where it might take up to a week for it to be approved and made available.

    If you do not want to wait any longer, you can also download the .zip and update manually over FTP.

    Again, I’m sorry that I didn’t get around sooner to fix the issue.


    Thanks for the 2.0.1 theme update for WordPress Bootstrap.

    I installed and activated Bootstrap 2.0.1 on my site. The install went OK, but the 2.0.1 did not work to fix the dropdown menu issue I’m seeing on my site under WP 3.5. I noticed a couple other navigation menu issues while running 2.0.1 of Bootstrap with WP 3.5(not sure if related to 2.0.1 specifically or it’s a combination of 2.0.1 and WP 3.5 or something else) that I did not like so I reverted back to the 2.0.0. version of the Bootstrap theme.

    I’ll have to live with the known menu issues in 2.0.0 of Bootstrap along with WP 3.5 until the full verification testing between the 2.0.1 version of Bootstrap and WP 3.5 gets done.

    Thanks for the help.

    Did the problems persist after deactivating your plugins?

    I did not deactivate any of my plugins.

    I don’t want to go messing with the plugins as they are all working fine with WP 3.5 and Bootstrap 2.0.0 except for the known dropdown menu issue.

    I’ll wait until the full verification testing of Bootstrap 2.0.1 and WP 3.5 gets done before trying again. Then I’ll activate or download & activate Bootstrap 2.0.1 again or whatever the next fully verified version of Bootstrap with WP 3.5 turns out to be.

    Thanks for the help. Appreciated.

    I noticed the official update for 2.0.1 update for WordPress Bootstrap theme came over today. I re-installed 2.0.1 again.

    2.0.1 is still is not working how one would expect for the drop-down menus. Frustrating, as this should be basic functionality for a WordPress theme now.

    Check the drop-down menus on

    The main page on the drop-down under “Blog Posts”, I can’t get to using the drop-down in the main navigation bar.

    And since I went to the 2.0.1. Bootstrap theme, I can’t get to the page for my BuddyPress activity as it’s completely blank. This page worked fine with Bootstrap 2.0.0. and WP 3.5 before the upgrade to 2.0.1. I’ll leave it for now and try a few things, but if I can’t get 2.0.1 to work for my BuddyPress page, I’ll probably have to go back to Bootstrap 2.0.0.

    Bootstrap 2.0.1. seems to have some issues that need to be fixed.


    Bootstrap (the framework, not just the-bootstrap theme) doesn’t do menus like most WordPress themes do menus. It gets into the whole touch-centric devices realm where there is no hover, only click. The practical result is, you can’t have a link on the top-level of a drop-down or Bootstrap (and therefore the-bootstrap) will assume you want to go to that link when you hit the top-level.

    You have several options within a Bootstrap-based theme that doesn’t rewrite Bootstrap’s menu behavior.
    1) You can have a top-level link that goes to the blog page, but with no drop-downs because Bootstrap is touch-friendly and will never show them.
    2) You can build a custom menu in the Dashboard (make the top-level blog item a custom link to #) and add each post you want under the blog menu item there. This seems like a lot of maintenance.
    3) You can use a custom home page with a section listing blog posts or a carousel to make the latest blog posts visible on the home page.
    4) You can try to work around Bootstrap by enabling hover on the menus, but then touch device users won’t be able to use your site properly. I saw a recent study from a major research firm that said over 50% of internet users use a touch device (tablet or smartphone) for at least some of their internet access. Do you really want to alienate all those people?

    There may be a few other options like a featured posts widget or something else to draw attention to key posts.

    On the one hand, the menu thing is my main Bootstrap peeve. On the other, when I test menus on a WordPress site from my phone, doing it the old WordPress way doesn’t work, the Bootstrap way does work. Given the way tablets and smartphones are overtaking PCs as internet access devices, I’m designing my site and menus to work well for both touch and mouse users within the boundaries of the Bootstrap way.

    Thanks jmjf, this was helpful to read. However, the menus are still broken in WP 3.5, so it looks like I’ll be retheming my site to another responsive theme.

    Try going into The Bootstrap theme settings (Left menu –> Twitter Bootstrap –> “Bootstrap CSS”) and unchecking the option “Include ALL Bootstrap Javascript libraries”. This worked for me. Explanation below:

    We had problems with the dropdown menu item(s) not wanting to expand. The symptoms were exactly as described in this thread:

    To sum it up: When clicking the menu item, the dropdown menu item quickly assumed the class “open”, but then instantly reverted to the previous non-open state. The word ‘open’ just flickered by in the webkit inspector. As was pointed out in the SO thread above, this has to do with the same javascript being loaded/called more than once. Unchecking the “All JavaScript libraries” option got rid of this line in the page source: <script type=’text/javascript’ src=’//’></script>

    …while keeping this file: “bootstrap.min.js?ver=2.0.3”. Now it works.

    opticom_erik seems to have nailed it. The page source shows 2.0.3 and 2.0.1 versions of the js in judic’s page.

    I note you (erik) dropped 2.2.2 in favor of 2.0.3. FWIW, I’m running 2.2.2 in my test site with no menu problems. (Of course, I’m only loading one version of the js.)

    I am using The Bootstrap theme, but there are not any options in the theme that say (Left menu –> Twitter Bootstrap –> “Bootstrap CSS”) so I do not have the option to turn it off. The menu is giving me a headache though with the sub menu items.

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