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  • hi,
    I am looking for a theme that displays the last 10 posts.
    Is there any list of themes that have this function?

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  • That would be get_posts which you can use in any theme you want.

    Displays where?
    If you mean the main page – any theme can do that… if the blogger looks around in his own admin panel > Options > Reading: Blog Pages… Show at most etc.

    sorry i didn’t make myself clear enough.

    i am looking for a theme that displays the titles (with their respective links behind it) of the last 10 posts in the navigation menu. Most themes only show the categories.

    Is this something i have to customize myself or should i choose a “ready made” theme, like e.g. Husna 0.1 by Isnaini Dot Com

    If so, where can i find these types of themes?

    What do you mean by “navigation menu”? Do you mean a list of links in the sidebar? If so, then refer to my earlier post. This basic wordpress function should work in any theme.

    I use Water3 1.0 by The undersigned for my blog:


    This does exactly what you want … I think 😉

    hello pixelmania,

    yes this is what i mean. I’m talking about the 10 recent posts on the left navigation menu of your blog pixelmania

    Any list of themes that have this function allready available?

    Haecceity, i am new to all this. Suppose i want to use get_posts where do i have to put this command? i mean in which file?

    Hi Leeroi,

    Which file you’d put the code in depends on which theme you’re using. I use wp-andreas01-12, for example, which has a left menu which is in the header.php file. But other themes will do it differently. If you want to have the menu on the left, then that’s generally sidebar.php.

    ok thanks !
    i ‘ve figured it out now..
    i used:

    the thing is i didn’t think i had to go and change code manually, i thought wordpress would do everything for me, but if you want to customize there is still a lot of work to do..

    guess i was too optimistic ;o)

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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