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    Hi jonradio, thanks so much for this fantastic plugin!

    It’s working just fine, but the part about using Theme Test Drive to config the alt-theme isn’t working. My main theme is WooThemes Scrollider, and my Alt-Theme is WooThemes Teamster. It may be that since they’re both WooThemes they’re storing info in the same place, so when you try to setup Main or Alt you keep overwriting the other.

    Specifically, I can’t get menus for the Alt-Theme to stick (nice to have) and I also can’t get “number of authors to show” for the Alt-Theme to stick (essential) I can either set the Teamster #Authors with Theme Test Drive and it will work, but our home page Scrollider featured images slider is messed up… or… if I fix that… then the Teamster #Authors gets cut down from the 14 – 19 we want, to only 10.

    IDK if this is too in-between these 2 plugins & WP Core to work out or not, but I thought I’d ask. Thanks for a great plugin!

    Main Site:

    Theme-Switched Author Section:

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  • Just as these Support forums do not provide Support for Paid Themes, I’m afraid that it is not practical for Open Source/Free Plugins like jonradio Multiple Themes to support Paid Themes. I can’t afford to pay for each Paid Theme and test it, and my past attempts to obtain courtesy copies from authors see my e-mails to them ignored.

    As a result, since I can’t look at the Teamster Theme’s php source code, I haven’t a clue how the Author feature in the Teamsters Theme works.

    The issue with Menus (documented in the FAQs ) is a known issue that is a major piece of a major rewrite of this plugin that will eliminate the tedious process of using the Theme Test Drive plugin to maintain most Theme options for each Theme. I don’t have a timeline for that rewrite because care of parents has been my full-time job for several months now.

    I am reluctant to mark this as Resolved, but all I can do is answer the questions right now. I do appreciate the interest and comments!

    As a P.S. to this, I can really see the difficulty of adding this functionality to the WP Core, as Theme Options are implemented in different ways, which is why Widgets work with the Theme Test Drive workaround, but Menus don’t.

    thanks jonradio, that all makes sense.

    I’ve also posted this as a support question over at WooThemes, where, haha, they’ll probably also punt and say it’s outside the scope of support… but who knows, maybe they’ll throw me a bone 🙂

    I really feel the “Code is Law” of all this in that if you don’t code you’re pretty much a 2nd class citizen (not intended to be whiny, just looking at the landscape) Yet, I’m also mindful of a guy at the local bike shop who’s fond of saying “You can either fix bicycles, or you can ride bicycles, but you can’t do both.” As a Fake-Webmaster & Would-Be-Blogger, I already feel like I’ve gone so far down the tech road and spent so much time NOT Blogging, that IDK if it makes sense to try to go deeper down that rabbit hole. Kinda Catch-22! 🙂

    The Multisite approach almost also works, but ultimately also runs into issues beyond me. Woo’s answer on that question was a list of developers I could hire. Sadly, in addition to being a non-developer & fake-blogger, I also don’t have the cash to hire a developer – but hey, I do have enough to eat and a roof over my head, so I’m sure it’ll work out somehow! 🙂

    Anyway, it’s a great plugin jonradio, thanks so much! Good luck with the family stuff, I know that can be a lot of time and stress.

    Although I started Programming in 1971, and getting paid for it in 1973, I tend not to agree that “Coding Your Way Out of It” is the best solution to a randomly chosen “given problem”.

    php is one of the most productive programming languages I’ve ever seen. And WordPress has done a great job of providing “programmer access” to WordPress, rather than programmers having to rewrite parts of the WordPress Core.

    But there are a huge number of “Moving Parts” in WordPress. Which means that a seemingly simple request for a change in behaviour can be quite complicated to implement.

    Thanks again for the interest and concern!

    One “long shot” thought that just occurred to me, and is always worth trying in situations like this: try reversing the Themes, making Teamster the Current Theme and Scrollider the Alternate Theme. It takes more settings in the Plugin to make sure you have Scrollider everywhere you would have it if it were the Current Theme, but it might solve your Number of Authors problem.

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