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    Hey there,

    I’m a beginner with word press, but my website is starting to take shape the way I want it to. Right now I’m pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to remove this white gap between my header and the slider I’m attempting to use.

    You can see what I’m talking about here:

    Does anyone have any idea how to fix this?


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  • Problem was resolved, but resulted in another problem. :/

    Hi Tryth,

    I can’t find your theme here on the repo, therefore I can’t check the code. However, by inspecting your website markup, it looks like there’s a widget with an empty paragraph. Go to Appearance/Widgets in your WP admin panel and check if there are any widget areas in the header section. Get rid of any widgets there, save and check the result.

    If things don’t improve, keep posting with more details.

    -Maria Antonietta

    Thanks for responding,

    As far as I could see, there were no widgets active on the header. I disabled the buttons to see if that would help, but nothing has changed so far. I opened another thread for this new issue a few minutes before you replied, but I can keep responding here.


    If your theme doesn’t have a custom CSS editor, use a plugin for this (, so your changes will be preserved when you update your theme. Add this snippet to the Custom CSS editor:

    .panel-grid-cell .so-panel.widget {
        margin-top: -20px;

    This should get rid of the blank space, although it confirms the presence of an empty widget (it’s a text widget).

    I hope it helps:)

    Words cannot describe how thankful I am. Though it does raise the question as to what widget could be causing said problem.

    Thank you so much!

    You’re welcome!

    The answer to your question should lie in the code.

    Hi I know This is a bit of an old post but I was having the same problem with my new site, I am also a newbee. I have installed a giga slider on my site ( it is currently on the our work page but I will move it to the front page once I have solved the issues I have with it namely the blank space above and below the slider. I installed the custom css plug in and put the code suggested by Maria Antonietta Perna and it work on the top of the slider. What I would love to find out is: is there a code for the bottom or a code to remove both. My website is

    Hi Eoin,

    It looks like there’s an empty p tag that causes the issue. This CSS snippet solves it, but I’m not sure if it’s going to affect something else on the site:

    .panel-widget-style p {
        display: none;

    I hope this helps 🙂

    Hi Maria,

    Thankyou so much for solving that for me, you are absolutely brilliant. I have been pulling my hair out trying to find an answer. I have to say that I am overwhelmed at the generosity of the wordpress community, it makes the process of trying to put a website together ( which at one point seemed like a massive undertaking ) seem so much more possible. Thank you so much to all the knowledgeable members out there and specifically thank you Maria for helping me with this issue.

    You’re very welcome!

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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