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  • You all have to excuse me, but I can’t come to grips with the instructions in the design your own template area (due to the fact that my knowledge in html and other codings are zilsch). I have tried some of the themes found in the codex, but in the end have realised that I would like my own colors and graphics for my own theme. But how to manage that? I tried to do some changes to the standard WP themes, but… well… So I wonder – are there any sort of code templates to be found, where I only have to insert my own graphics, colors and text in the right places? I’, looking for a 3 column design with a header and footer, some link buttons, comments and archive and the possibility to insert pictures and graphics.
    All the best,

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  • Might want to look at Theme_Development and then come back here and ask any more questions you have.

    Good luck and welcome to WordPress!

    Well, I have been there and still haven’t got a clue on how or where to create such things as CSS and PHP files… All I have and know a bit how to work is FP…not much I know.
    That’s why I asked if there are ready made “templates” with all the CSS and PHP files in the right places, so I could just put in my gif and jpeg things and add links.

    Thanks for the welcome

    Try this:
    Find one that’s close…. then modify the CSS file to point to the right images you do want, and change the colors in the right places.


    ruby2 – Unless you can find a theme you like “out of the box”, if you want to make changes to the theme, including changing graphics and colors, there is no way around getting to know at least some basic html and css. Same goes for WP generated output and coding. Best to find the theme that fits your overall desires and change it as you learn how.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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