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  • Alrighty. I’ve scoured the board and looked through the codex, and I can’t find a solution to this problem.

    When I try to switch themes via the theme switcher plugin, I get a page that says,

    The document has moved here.”

    “here” is a link to my blog with the theme I just selected showing.

    The list of 2.0-compatible plugins says that Theme Switcher disables the “Current theme option” admin link; is this what is happening to me? How do I go about fixing this?


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  • Anybody? I waited a week before bumping…

    If this is Ryan Boren’s theme switcher, make sure you have the most current version….

    Please download the latest version of the theme-switcher.
    That will fix the issue u r having.
    it is available at

    Unfortunately, Ryan did not mention about this updated version 0.5, in his website at all.

    Thank you for the link, sadish. I didn’t know there was an updated version because I had checked his website.

    I updated the plugin, and it no longer switches the brings up a blank page. Also, when trying to switch the default theme, it goes to a blank page. Hitting the back button brings up the theme manager with the correct default theme.

    The default theme worked fine when I was logged in. When I logged out, all I could get was a blank page. So I hit the back button which for some reason logged me back in, and I deactivated the Theme Switcher plugin. Now, logged in or not, my blog won’t load at all.

    So…with plugin activated: posts show up, but theme switcher doesn’t work. With plugin deactivated: no posts show up. What the heck is going on here??

    Ok, problem solved. Apparently all I had to do was remove an <li> tag that surrounded the dropdown list. Don’t know how that helped, but it fixed it right up. O_o

    OK, I’m having the blank page issue. I install the theme switcher, activate it, pick my themes, then when I go and reload my page I get nothing. A blank page. I check the “View Source” to see if there’s anything at all on the page, and I get this…

    “<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC “-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN”>
    <META http-equiv=Content-Type content=”text/html; charset=utf-8″></HEAD>

    Nothing. It’s all gone. Any suggestions?

    Can you show some of the relevant code around it (the theme switcher) in your theme source?

    This is the code I’m using….

    <div class="divTitle">Theme</div><div class="boxsidebar">
    <ul><?php get_theme_switcher('dropdown') ?></ul></div>

    and this is what’s before …

    <div class="divTitle">Navigation</div>
    <div class="boxSidebar"><ul> <li><a href="/blog/">Back to Home</a></li> <?php wp_list_pages('title_li='); ?>

    and after…

    <div class="divTitle">personal</div>
    <div class="boxSidebar">
    <div class="divTitle3">Me</div>

    Oh, and btw, my page is here.

    I’m probably blind. At first glance, what I see above looks fine. I went to your site to see how it behaves, but don’t see the theme switcher anywhere.

    I unactivated it because I’m working on it. do you have google talk? If so, im me at craftygirly.

    hi all
    i have place the themeswitcher code in my both default theme
    and jakarta theme and
    i have activated the plugin and
    selected the default and jakarta theme for display

    is theme switcher supposed to work in the default theme?


    hi all
    8 hours later, yes i finally realised that i too did not have the latest version.
    the latest version works for me. wp2

    I’m having the blank page issue, but only on IE… in firefox and safari it works, but I get the OK page. I don’t have the theme switcher code in my themes, I just use the variable to give links to customers. ex.
    Any suggestions?

    Edit: NVM, I changed to this plugin and it’s working just fine.

    Edit 2: the second plugin would break if a theme name was 2 words. I tried ryan boren’s latest, but I get an error.
    any suggestions?

    Blank screen after plugin activation in all themes
    WP 2.0.3

    Any help?

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