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  • Has any one shared the following dichotomy? On the one hand Ryans otherwise fantastic theme switcher will not work at all unless K******* is installed as a theme. On the other K******* does not contain the theme switcher. So people get logged out and are stuck in the default. Handy that.

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  • To summarise: If I do not have the default installed because I have deleted it – the theme switcher wont work. Pretty simple.

    To summarise: If you do not have the default installed, the switcher works fine as I’ve demonstrated. If you take a look at the plugin code, there is nothing kubrick related.

    Out of curosity, ifelse, do you have the theme switcer set up to automatically download because as soon as I used your theme switcher I closed my browser and I got a warning on one download in progress?

    Note: the theme switcher needs >1 theme installed to work.

    What browser are you using?


    One ? I have a hatful. But it still wont work without the default.

    I tried to install a 1.2 theme I had and it broke the entire presentation menu, which you can see if you search the forums for my lovely posts on it which were ignored.

    Mark (podz)


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    I actually pointed this out, and from what I can see, regarding the OP, yes it is a fault. Where and how I know not, but a fault it was / is.

    I don’t see how it’s a fault when I can get it to work with no problem, and I have no default theme installed (as a matter of fact, I deleted it from my server altogether). I rarely get things to work with no problems, and all I did was follow the instructions and voila! I had to add the code to the index, of course, but is this considered hacking? Adding one small piece of code? Hacking? That’s giving casual users such as myself way too much credit, if it is 🙂

    Agreed, considering I can get it working on my environment without any special modification. My setup is the same as Jennmiller’s as I’ve also deleted the themes from my server altogether.

    I think what we are saying is there are many people trying to incorporate 1.2 themes to 1.5. According to the developers they are supposed to be backwards compatable, yet they are not. I have been using 1.5 since it was 1.3 alpha. I was able to use my old themes in all the alpha and beta versions no problem. I did not have this problem until the 1.5 “stable” release which has many bugs in it. I would appreciate it if you would not assume just because your installation works that it is the same for everyone.

    I think this topic was about the theme-switcher, actually. I guess it’s safe to say that some people have trouble getting to work, while others do not. The fact that some people can get it to work with no modifications means that there is not a definite fault in the plugin. I would hate for someone to read this topic and *not* install the plugin, fearing that it wouldn’t work for them, when there are plenty of sites that have no problem with it.

    I think where people have troubles is that they only add the call to one theme, it needs to be applied across all themes for it to work.

    Also…1.2 themes DO NOT WORK in 1.5. They need to be modified to be compatible.

    I noticed somewhere that someone wrote that their 1.2 themes did not work, but they aren’t supposed to.

    I too, as of this moment deleted default along with classic and the plug-in works flawlessly.

Viewing 15 replies - 16 through 30 (of 50 total)
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