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  • Has any one shared the following dichotomy? On the one hand Ryans otherwise fantastic theme switcher will not work at all unless K******* is installed as a theme. On the other K******* does not contain the theme switcher. So people get logged out and are stuck in the default. Handy that.

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  • K******* ????

    The WordPress default 🙂

    Kubrick isn’t required: Take a look at my sandbox

    I do not know what you mean. You havent got the theme switcher have you ?

    I am not talking about the presentation manager – I am talking about the theme switcher

    I’m not referring to the presentation manager. If you take a look at the bottom of the sidebar, then you can see that wp_theme_switcher is clearly visible with 3 themes available, minima, gespaa and gespaa v2
    i.e. *you* can use Ryan’s theme switcher to switch the theme at runtime.

    Notice that Default or Classic isn’t there. If you want, you can try modifying the query string and you’ll find they definitely aren’t there. I’ve deleted them off the installation.

    Rather quick to jump to conclusions today, aren’t we? 🙂

    Ok. But it is not a drop down.

    I don’t have either of the themes (default or classic) installed at all and my theme-switcher works just fine 😉

    > Ok. But it is not a drop down
    The theme switcher takes a parameter so that you can select the type of output, i.e. whether you wanted a drop down list or a “regular” unordered list.

    So now we need to hack ? And how er *useable* is that to non hackers ?

    My point is that core WP functionality like compatibility with plugins should not depend on any theme you may or may not have installed. And hacking should not be required. Whether you and I can do it is neither here nor there. It is about interface architecture

    The theme-switcher is a plugin. At the very first part of the file, it tells you exactly how to use it. It gives you the option of a dropdown. No hacking needed.

    ifelse, I also do not see your theme switcher assuming you are referring to the site listed in your profile.

    Ah let me look at your sanbox, disregard above.


    what the passage about the query strings was supposed to represent was that if you were suspicious, you can *try* to manually select the Kubrick theme

    Notice that doesn’t work whilst the following does: Gespaa
    It was a way for you to be 100% sure that the theme wasn’t there.

    I.E. without any modifications, you can remove kubrick and select themes.

    I guess I ended up confusing things so apologies on that front. However, kubrick definitely isn’t required for the theme switcher.

    Wow, a lot of confusion today! I’ll try and keep things simple next time:-)

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 50 total)
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