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  • I keep getting errors…

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: wp_theme_switcher() in /home/httpd/vhosts/ on line 56

    on my site

    I completely unistalled WP thinking it would help b.c I cant see what I have done wrong…but it hasnt…:-/

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  • Either activate the plugin or remove the call in the file.

    I clicked activate and what does the call mean?

    It means the theme you are using calls the function and since the plugin which contains the function is not activated, it is not available. As a result the page fails with an error of “undefined function”. Remove the theme_switcher call in sidebar.php on the line indicated.

    but then how do i use the theme switcher?

    To repeat my first post, either activate the plugin or remove the call. Remove the call… no workie no theme switcher. Activate the plugin… workie theme switcher.

    Sometimes a local install of wp on apache borks bigtime on plugins such as theme-switcher.

    Best thing to do is just (as Beel suggests above) comment out the call to that plugin in your sidebar.

    Hmmmm. Nope…. yours ISN’T a local install, is it? Could you post the code you’re using to call the plugin? And ‘nother question: which theme-switcher are you using?

    Im using that ^^ and the code there to call it

    Okay, that’s good, ’cause Ryan’s is the only one I know anything about….

    So if you’re using the code included with the plugin in your sidebar, that’s okay. Then, what happens when you activate it? Do you get the “plugin activated” message?

    I’m trying to load your page but getting a not found error. Are you using the latest version of WP? And the latest version of theme-switcher available at….

    yes i am getting the plugin activated message and I think I am…I got the plugin from that site…and WP from…

    I think it may have something to do with the “subdomain” setup (as shown in the error message) then. Have you done whatever DNS twitching you need to do to make the subdomain fully active for all folders etc?

    I’ve not used a host with a setup like yours; mine simply makes folders under the main folder without a “subdomain” in the path….

    You might need to verify with your host that you’ve got the subdomain setup right.

    that really confuses me?!? what exactly do I ask her??

    Well, you explain the error message you’re getting, and ask her if that “subdomains” should be in the path; you ask her if there’s anything special you should have done when setting up the subdomain, and is there anything unusual about using WP in that subdomain on her servers.

    As I said, my hosts haven’t ever had that sort of path setup, so I don’t really know – I’m just providing comments to maybe get you thinking about various aspects. My hosts always use /username/public_html/folder sort of pathing. And subdomains are just other folders.

    well she doesnt use WP…so she had no clue how to fix it :-/

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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