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  • I just upgraded to WP 2.3.3. ( from 2.0.something. The upgrade itself went fine. My site looked a little buddy until I remember to reactivate the theme switcher (silly me) but now the switcher doesn’t work. Clicking on any of the available themes just reloads the page, same thing.

    I tried deactivating other plugins in the event that they were conflicting. I only have a few and that wasn’t the issue.

    I tried switching the default theme. Doesn’t matter.

    I haven’t touched anything with the themes themselves and I did nothing besides upgrade WP, delete some deactivated plugins (unrelated) and delete the index.php from the /wp folder (my index is on the main subdomain) but that was after I found the issue with the switcher and it still hasn’t changed.

    Any ideas?

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  • A little more info..

    I’ve cleared my cache and tried another browser so it’s not that. Also, if I manually change the default theme, it works fine.

    It seems that if I change the theme on the site via the switcher and then click the ‘home’ link to index.php, it then switches and remains. Why isn’t it doing it automatically?

    Hello, i want to switch themes in my blog. I searched in google and i only find this topic.
    How can i do this?

    I mean, i want to change my blog to wordpress theme site. For example, user ll click theme name and ll be redirect my example wordpress site.

    How can i do this?
    Sorry for my bad english.
    regards from turkey,

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