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  • The non-blog site is not done with WP.
    Lots of themes:

    rudolf45, I realize it is not done in WordPress. With many varying themes I was hoping if anybody knew anything similar to it still. It doesn’t have to be exact I just want a good base to start using the theme editor without having to redo the whole structure.

    With all due respect… the online Theme Editor is not for designing anything. It is fine to correct small typos or similar tiny stuff but don’t try to “design” anything in it:
    – it doesn’t have ReDo button!
    – not a wise thing to design on a live site
    – and more importantly, you have to make your theme files world writable = leaving them open to any idiot hacker (look around here: just recently there was a post about a hacked blog)

    Well this will not be on a live site. Currently there is nothing. As for editing through the theme editor what is wrong with that? I have not had any problems with it thus far with my other site but maybe I guess I’m just lucky. As for making my files “world writable” what does that mean? By making changes in position, color or adding flash and images makes my blog susceptible to hackers?

    Really not trying to come off like an jerk any way 😉 but would like some explanation. Thanks for commenting.

    nothing’s wrong with editing a theme with the theme editor.

    it’s not that difficult to steal the clearspring theme. you’ve got the css and and a page structure. rip out the stuff you don’t want and add the wp stuff you do want. done.

    Normally, a file’s permissions on the server are 644. ON most servers with these permission you will not be able to edit anything, you will see a message like:
    “If this file was writable you could edit it.”
    Then you’d come here and the only advice you could get would be: change the permissions (chmod) to 666 = world writable. That means that any smart hacker kid could gain access to your site/blog and deface it, screw it up etc.

    Reading: – it’s about writable folders, but the same applies to files, too…

    In editing my 3 column Kubrick theme I didn’t run into a message like the one you mentioned. I thought I moved things around quite as bit as well. Well I’ll try a theme out that is pretty straight forward and just start adding my own things.

    I guess a good revised question would be then if anybody new of a good multi-page WP theme?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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