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  • I just spent a week looking at themes… I literally previewed and installed about 100 themes and saw some beautiful ones and some interesting ones, but the one thing all of these theme had in common was the lack of features to customize the theme. If you wanted to customize the theme you had to go in and code it differently, in other words make a new version of the theme.

    This is not the case with the “SUFFUSION” theme. Although the theme might not be the most beautiful them eat first sight, it is certainly the MOST CUSTOMIZABLE, the MOST FLEXIBLE and the MOST POWERFUL theme I have seen amongst the 100 or so that I installed on my blog.

    When I looked at the Theme Options (which are properly displayed under the “Appearance” tab) my eyes almost popped out! The features are ENDLESS, so many that it is intimidating at first! Other themes that I have seen lack the most basic features (such as the ability to replace their logo with yours), but with this theme you can change literally ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. You have a color palette picker for your colors, a set of pre-defined color themes, ability to add, change, append CSS, JavaScript, RSS etc without ever having to look at a line of code, sizes, fonts, sidebars and so much more.

    I am VERY IMPRESSED and THANKFUL that somebody understood the importance of giving a user the ability to fully customize a theme if they are making the theme available online for download.


    In fact I would suggest that the WordPress theme takes a close look at this theme because it might want to consider making this the default theme, because of all the options for customization it offers. If this were the default theme, I am sure almost nobody would ever look at other themes.

    If I had to say something negative, just to balance out all of the positive things, I’d say that it could use some help with the general presentation of the graphics (one can tell it comes from a very experienced coder, rather than a web designer) and it could offer some options for different buttons or different sets of layouts, but other than that I really can’t find anything bad to say about this theme!

    I would STRONGLY recommend to anyone to try out this theme. Once you harness the power of this theme I assure you that you will never go back to another theme because every other theme will seem too limited in comparison.

    Download and install SUFFUSION, make the changes you need from the Theme Options (no coding required!) and you are good to go. If you know some CSS you can make pretty things without having to alter the SUFFUSION code at all so that it’s always easy to update to their new versions (I’ve been using the theme for 2 days and there already is a new version!).

    The theme even has a support forum of its own! I just don’t know how else to tell you: THIS IS HOW THEMES SHOULD WORK!

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  • Marc,
    Thanks for your comments!
    You are right – I am not much of a web designer and the one thing I hate most is creating new icons from scratch. That is why Suffusion is so low on graphics. I have had people volunteer to create some new icons to use, so I am waiting for that to happen.

    I do have plans to add other layout options, though – a magazine layout and a photoblog layout are very much on my agenda. See here for an announcement that I put out recently: .

    Thanks again!

    As a user of this template i would like to thank sayotan I have purchased “premium” templates not nearly as good as his.I wish him continued success

    Thanks, Joseph!

    Just to echo the comments above with much favourable support for sayontan and for anyone looking for that fully customisable theme. This is great work, and as a newbie I too have installed 100’s of themes and not being impressed at all. This has certainly help speed up the process for creating my first blog site (still slow, but getting there)

    Thanks, Mark!

    I could not agree more. This is the best theme, premium or free, I’ve ever seen, and I’ve sampled literally thousands.
    Incredible job, Sayontan.

    Thanks, Patrick!

    Suffusion = awesome.
    I too have purchased many a “premium” WP theme and not found the granularity of customization that Sayontan is offering with Suffusion.

    As I rebuild one of my blogs I’m seriously considering using Suffusion. It’ll either go on INFOtainment News or THE Tech Scoop.

    Thanks, James!

    Like others have already said, this theme is absolutely amazing.

    I’ve gone through maybe 200 themes (free and premium) and Suffusion was by far the best simply because of its many customization options.

    I have no idea why more premium themes are not like this. Premium theme devs should really take notes of what sayontan has done with Suffusion.

    Good job!

    Thanks, funnymma!

    On top of what the other guys said, I’d like to add that Sayotan also provides superb support on the theme’s forum!

    As far as i am concerned, Sayotan you deserve a big thank you and a great deal of respect!

    Thanks, migf1!

    Beautiful theme.
    Previously I used Mandigo and I really liked the look and feel, but it was too heavy and slow down the site.
    Now all is well!

    Thanks, calimero74!

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