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    suddenly am having all kinds of problems. Blog theme messed up and posts won’t save.
    I emptied my browser safari cache and history, and my webhost was doing some maintenance , but the sidebar suddenly went wacko, and the whole theme seems corrupted.
    I uploaded a fresh sidebar.php, but site theme still bad. Side bar stops working half-way down the page. has been having some problems in the last couple months and all kinds of theings are happening.
    Firefox sucks bigtime. But have tried it out, and not happy with it. Could the Firefox have messed with my files? doesn’t seem likely.

    What can I do. Seems my backup not helping. and Webhost claims not they are not doing it.

    Just when I started getting more visitors too. could some new widget scripts be doing this?

    Help, please
    Wordpress blog at

    thanks if you can help,

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  • It’s your most recent post. you have a malformed link:

    <a href='" target="new"><strong>–>Get Blidgets</strong></a>

    If you notice, the beginning of the link started with a ‘, but it finished with “.

    You should try validating That would help. And *any* time you have something “suddenly” happen, it’s usually because of the last thing you did.

    That post link has been corrected.
    Theme is back in place. other scripts and adds may have been messing it up. much has been removed.

    But now cannot login to my Dashboard.
    so cannot remove questionable posts with questionable code and scripts.

    the login page shows up but when you try to login, safari cannot load the page

    my webhost has backed up the blog, but the problems remains.
    access to mysql thru phpadmin
    All user admin code is there as it should be.
    except language has somehow been changed to ‘latin1_swedish_ci’

    Is that the cause of my login problems?
    This all started the day the theme messed up.

    Resolved! This was not MY Mistake!

    It seems there was a “Ghost in the Machine”

    SiteGround found a “Kernal” in our machine (?). and fixed the problems this morning.

    I can now access my WordPress Dashboard. after getting new password, which was sent. BUT I still have a messed up login page, and there is no way to get the login.php from the 2.1.3 version now. there is a fantastico backup but I do not know how to extract the file I need from it to upload it. And on this site, the fantastico panel does not have wordpress 2.2 available yet. It is on my other site (?), same host.

    All that grief for nothing!

    Siteground users have been complaining for over a month now. some fixes were done, but more problems kept arising. Like my not being able to login to one part of the website, the blog subdomain.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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