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  • Does anyone have a suggestion as to how I could best set up the following sitemap in terms of what I could use as pages/posts/custom posts:

    • home
    • open activities
      • open activities stage 1
      • open activities stage 2
      • open activities stage 3
      • advanced open activities
      • case studies
        • case study 1
        • case study 2
    • bespoke activities
      • bespoke activities stage 1
      • bespoke activities stage 2
      • bespoke activities stage 3
      • advanced bespoke activities
      • case studies
        • case study 1
        • case study 2
    • other activities
      • about other activities
      • managing activities
      • useful tips
    • news
    • about
    • contact

    This basically has 3 main sections, open activities, bespoke activities and other activities. Each of these have several subpages and a case study section. Each subpage may also have additional information which i guess could be pulled onto the page via posts?

    Any insight would be great.

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  • I really think the only thing that should be posts is the news section. I don’t see why any other part of the site should be part of the post structure. I think the “Activities” should be it’s own menu, so find a template that has two menus.

    Oh, scratch that about the two menus I guess :p

    You have a few options. You could just simply have everything under posts, and use categories. You can then filter all the posts to only display for certain categories in the Admin. OR you might want to separate into custom post types, with custom taxonomy? Might just come down to preference and skill using custom post types. Help at all?

    Thanks, I think i’d like to go down the posts route for the content. Would the top level content e.g. Open activities, bespoke activities be pages displaying the relevant posts from related categories?

    The custom post types sounds like an interesting suggestion. Woud you mind elaborating on this. Would I need to set up post types for each section? Also what would the custom taxonomies be?



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Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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