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  • So, here’s an idea. I do a lot of WP development for clients. I also do a lot of ZenCart as well. I was just thinking today – as I work on 3 different WP sites that all utilize different plugins – how cool it woul dbe if WP had dome kind of “developer’s” plugin that would differentiate between things based on whatever theme you were working on – like ZenCart does.

    For example, if you have “Template A” in ZenCart, you can place folders named “Template A” all over in the back end, and ZenCart will draw *only* from that template folders, rather than “apply to all”. So it would b neat if we could place a “Theme A” folder within the “plugins” directory, and when you’re working on that theme only those plugins located within that folder would be activated. Of course, anything placed in the root level would be a “used overall” plugin.

    That would be cool.

    Definitely not something that is of a high priority – but it’s still something pretty cool that WP theme developers would find handy. Just a thought.

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