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  • Hello. I have the same question as the one above. I am using Snow Summit. I like the theme very much, however I have created a bulleted list where the bullets are not aligned with the first line of the text. You can see what I am talking about here:

    You will notice that the gray bullets are placed at the middle of the paragraphs. I do not know how to fix this problem. I would also like to change the color of the bullets.

    Can someone out there explain how to make these changes in very simple terms? I am a beginner. Thank you for your help.

    Hello again. Figured it out.

    Hello Vermont Homesteader

    Would you share your solution with me please?

    Thanks in advance

    First, to change the colors of the bullets I downloaded the plugin: Ultimate Plugin TinyMCE. This installed directly into post editing. I wound up not using the colored bullets, although they are there if I need them. Rather, I designed an image in Illustrator that I used to separate topics. I uploaded these into my page via the “media upload.” You can see this, it is an orange swirl, on my website: Look under “Helpful Reading.”

    I have to say, I like the Snow Summit theme very much but it looks as if no one is updating it. I hope this does not mean that we will have to change themes once this one becomes too outdated. I have managed to make some changes by looking over the WordPress Codex and at others’ posts.

    I hope this helps you. I often feel like a fish flopping around on land for hours as I try to figure this stuff out!

    Thank you,
    I on my three browsers (ie, chrome, firefox), your image appears as a separator, which is a viable alternative to bullet points. But I still would like to find a solution to the standard bullet point issue in Snow Summit. So I will leave the top unresolved for the moment.

    Yep, I know the flopping fish feeling.

    Yes, I am using it as a separator. Did you try downloading the “Ultimate TinyMCE” plugin? It does work for colored bullets that go to the beginning of the sentence. I looked at your website and had the exact same problem on mine when I first tried bullets. Here is the link to the developer’s site:
    However, you can download it directly from the WordPress plugins menu.
    Bonne chance! (J’ai remarqué que vous êtes Canadien.)

    Having the same problem on a site I am building, so I followed Vermont Homesteader’s lead and installed the plug in. Nice! BUT… now the unordered list shows both the plugin’s bullets AND the theme’s default bullets, the former oriented correctly and the latter’s not. And yes, I had cleared the unordered list before redoing it with the new plug in.

    So how do I fix that?

    Thanks in advance… (going to try to figure it out but thought I would ask in case you folks can answer before I do).

    I am at the same place as you are whalegeek.
    Even though I like Snow Summit, I am considering to switch to WP 2012. It will involve a lot of time, but I prefer to work with a supported theme.

    To my disappointment, Snow Summit does not seem to be that type.

    I’m with Aldobec. I am also considering leaving theme because it is unsupported. Does anyone out there know how to encourage the creator to support their theme? I think I’ll add this to the WordPress complaint list.

    this line (line 286) in style.css defines the grey bullet and its position:

    #content ul li {background:transparent url(images/bullet.png) left center no-repeat;padding-left:10px;}

    simply adjust the background position;
    #content ul li { background-position: left 8.5px; }

    Hello Snow Summit users. I am returning to this thread briefly to tell you that I did change my theme because Snow Summit is no longer updated. The chances that someday the theme would not work with WordPress seemed probable. I am now using the Suffusion Theme by Sayonton Sinha. It is an excellent, well supported, flexible theme. I highly recommend it.

    I am looking at Suffusion at the moment and it seems an excellent alternative.

    Thank you Vermont Homesteader

    I am very glad this may be of help to you, Aldobec. I hesitated to post this info so I’m glad you wrote.

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