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[Resolved] [Theme: Sixhours] Adding tabs to title bar

  • Hi,

    Really love this theme, but wondering if it’d be possible to/how I can create some tabs across the title line, aligned to the left of the screen, opposite the main title.

    Essentially, I have just four pages I’d like on my site (n.b. it’s very much a work in progress), keeping it very minimalistic. However, I’d like the navigation of my site to be done not by using a sidebar, but by clicking on the title of each page (much like this theme, but on the other side).

    Also, is it imperative to keep “Sixhours Theme by Caroline Moore” at the bottom of each page? Am I allowed to remove it? (Sorry, I’m totally, totally new to WordPress…).

    Many thanks in advance,



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  • Theme Author Caroline Moore


    You can create tabbed navigation across the top by going to Appearance -> Menus and setting up a custom menu with your pages, then assigning it to the navigation area.

    And you’re not obligated to keep the credit link in the footer at all.

    Ah, amazing, many thanks!

    Only problem now is that WordPress is telling me the theme supports only one menu… any idea how I can expand this (to four)?



    Theme Author Caroline Moore


    The theme only supports one menu location, but you can add as many links/pages to that menu as you like.

    Wow – thank you for such a quick response!

    One other question (sorry, I’m an absolute novice…): Do I have to keep ‘Powered by WordPress’ at the bottom of each page too?

    Many thanks,


    Also, how might I get rid of the italics page title at the top of each page (so, for example, the lower “portfolio” on this page)?

    Again, really sorry – I’m totally new to WordPress, so this is a massive learning curve and you’re helping me so much!

    Thanks again,


    Theme Author Caroline Moore


    You’re not obligated to keep “Powered by WordPress”, and you can hide the page titles by adding something like this to style.css:

    .page .page_title {
       display: none;

    I recommend using an addon like Firebug to find CSS classes (right-click and “Inpsect” the website to see what classes are applied) if you need to make additional changes to style.css (hiding elements, changing colors, etc.)

    Hi sixhours,

    Can’t thank you enough! You’ve really, really helped me, and I’m now beginning to really understand how a website works. Firebug is fantastic, and I’m now able to make little tweaks and changes without a problem.

    Thank you so much,


    Theme Author Caroline Moore


    Glad I could help. 🙂


    Can i know if there’s any way to increase the width of the content area?

    I added 5 pages to the menu but the width seems to narrow and one of the pages is being push down to the next line.

    Appreciate if some help can be offer.



    Theme Author Caroline Moore


    The theme menu is limited in size due to the design. :/ You can use CSS in a child theme (http://codex.wordpress.org/Child_Themes) to change the dimensions to better fit your menu but this would be a fairly advanced adjustment if you’re not comfortable with code.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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