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  • Hi, madamski!!!!

    If you want to just hide, these headings (Recent Posts, Recent Comments, Archives, etc … ) from right side bar. There is no need to find them in .php files.

    Just go to admin -> Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets:

    On the right side of your page from “Sidebar” just drop those widgets which are not required.

    Hope your issue will be resolved. 😉

    Thank you, but the items appearing in the middle of the page are not part of any widget as far as I can tell. Most of them are on the sidebar widget area yes, but not the ones like “Recent Work.”

    Contents appearing in the middle of the page are posts. yes these are not part of any widget. So, you want to delete them too?

    All I’m trying to do is change the text from “Recent Work” to something else.

    oh, i c… 😉

    you want to change the font style etc. isn’t it???

    For this type of customization in any word press theme, the preferred approach by word press experts is to create a Child Theme, and then make any type of change there.

    So, I must encourage you to first create a child theme. Then let me know, if there is any query you have… A quick example of creating a child theme is here.

    Hmmm, ok well I followed all the steps (only creating the styles.css sheet/copy) and pasted the info at the very top, but all this seems to do when activated is revert back to the original theme of WP.

    Not sure…ugh.

    Oo Oh… madamski, you made a mistake….

    I just, inspected your site, and come to know that… you have copy/pasted that twenty eleven theme example code in your code, due to your site reverted back to default WP theme.

    You have mixed up the showcase+twentyeleven theme together. Let me simplified your current situation in short while.

    First, you have to revert back your all changes.

    • Yours Issue:
    • I guess, First you copied style.css from showcase folder and pasted it here on this path: wp-content/themes/showcase-child/style.css and then you copy/pasted that example code in style.css on above mentioned path. isn’t it?
    • Remove each and everything from style.css on this path: wp-content/themes/showcase-child/style.css. Means, you should have an empty style.css file there.
    • Then paste the following code in it.
    • /*
      Theme Name: Showcase Child
      Theme URI: http: //
      Description: Child theme for the Showcase theme
      Author: Muhammad Farhan
      Author URI: http: //
      Template: showcase
      Version: 0.1.0
      @import url(“../showcase/style.css”);`
    • Now activate this Showcase Child theme
    • Add any style you want under @import url(….) statement.
    • Hope your issue will be resolved.

    Hope for the best.. madamski… 🙂

    Ok, thanks so much for the help.

    I’ve followed the steps and my website seems to have responded, but it’s very messed up now!

    Also, I wasn’t sure what you meant by this:
    “Add any style you want under @import url(….) statement.”

    @import url(…), means, the statement you added in newly created showcase child theme.

    Oo… 🙁
    can you rollback your current changes?

    Hi, madamski, simply do that…. Just go to admin->Dashboard->Appearance->Themes and activate Showcase theme. you site will become in required shape.

    Right, I can do that…but doesn’t this not allow me to make the changes I originally was trying to make?

    I’ve set things back to normal…but I still cannot change the “Recent Work” heading to something else.

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