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    Hey guys, I’ve got one little tiny issue that is boiling my brain.
    I’ve gotten a beta site up for testing and theming as not to disturb the actual site.

    I’ve managed to convert to 1280 format and add an addition sidebar on the left. Got everything looking great on the main page and it’s right.
    But when I go to a single post view it skews everything on me. Not by much, but just a little.

    The header stays in the same position but the left sidebar and main div shoot down about 10-15 pixels. And the right sidebar jumps up and to the right about 5 pixels and 7 pixels respectively.

    I have no clue why it’s doing this though. All content should still be under the same css rules because nothing should have changed. The PHP looks almost EXACTLY the same except for the loop stuff.

    The beta site is HERE:
    and the single post is HERE:

    If, for some reason it catches your eye, is the place to be. (Mainly because I got lucky and just left it as-is lol)

    If anyone can help that would be AMAZING.

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  • gbwriter


    GOT IT!

    Sometimes it seems like after 4 hours of trying to figure out what is happening. The simplest thing pops up and you feel like an idiot.

    All good guys.

    Here’s what fixed it.
    When converting to two sidebars over one. I went with
    <?php get_sidebar(‘left’); ?> Then the content or whatever,then <?php get_sidebar(‘right’); ?>

    In Single.php however, I did THIS <?php get_sidebar(); ?> so it still pulled the sidebar data, just not the formatting from css.
    WOW I feel like an idiot.

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