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  • Nice theme but not if you ever want to have your website in more than one language. It is not possible to have multiple languages for the landing page because the text you can write there is not a page, it is only for that theme.
    Yes, I know, there is a support page and you will get answers there but I didn’t get an answer for that problem even after 3 times. Would have been nice to know before I did all the work that it is not possible to change languages there!

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  • Emil Uzelac


    Theme Review Admin

    Hi there,

    As I was searching over the forum both of your questions was answered, not sure why would you say that you did not have any answers after 3 times?

    I even did an extra mile and created two screencasts for you.


    Hi Emil,
    yes, you are very kind and the support in general is great. But you did not answer my question if it is possible to have the landing page in different languages. But great opportunity to answer now!

    So again: is it possible to have the text on the landing page multilingual (and how)?

    I found an additional qTranslate plugin for the 3 widget areas but nothing for the intro text (of the button-text).

    Kind regards, Brigitte

    Hi brisch!

    Under the “adminpanel settings reading” you can set the starting page for WP. Here you could choose among pages you have created.

    If you have a page in multilanguage version (e.g. using qTranslate) this would possibly work.

    Hi muntefer, do you know Shell light?

    There is ONE landing page, the one with the 3 teasers (which are widgets), the button and the intro text. This intro text is not a page is is part of the theme, the only way to change the text is in the theme options.

    Yes, I know, I can change the landing page and use a “normal” page but why should I use Shell then? It is a nice theme because of this special landing page with the 3 teasers. I have no reason to use Shell if I can’t use this special landing page…

    Sorry the simple solution was not for you.

    I use qTranslate for multilingual features and with its help multilingual home page is possible – but not perfect.

    I have managed to get all text in the central part (headline over image and the button text part) to show up in a choosen language. For this I have used the qTranslate syntax <!--:en-->english text<!--:--><!--:se-->svensk text<!--:-->. The drawback is that once entered and saved in the themes option page, the notation disappears from the optionspage but the on the home page correct language text is shown.

    For widgets in the widget area, content language is handled by the widget, so you have to pick widgets with proper language support with qTranslate. E.g. the text widget gives correct content but the title is incorrect (all languages shown). In the wdget plugin “Latest News” I get both content and title in correct language (if the posts fetched are in correct language).

    Putting up a qTranslate language chooser widget on the home page also allows me to simply switch between languages.

    I am a bit confused as to how the webbrowser language preferences actually influences the language of the page (it should, but I’m not sure it works).

    Hopes this gives you an idea of what can be done.

    Emil Uzelac


    Theme Review Admin

    Hi Brigitte,

    Honestly I am not sure if you can have multi languages while using Shell Theme. Your best option is to ask the developer who built that language plugin, this is bit beyond me or Theme. You are asking that if would be nice to know about this prior to Theme installation and personal customizations, sorry for that, but it’s impossible to test every single plugin with any Theme not just ours.

    Shell was setup to use front-page.php, if you don’t wish to use our default landing page you can overwrite with

    Once again you are free to post your questions directly on and just like the other two you had any future question are going to be answered that day.

    Theme is free, our time and support as well, all we need is your good will to ask away, that’s all 🙂


    Thank you both!

    Great suggestions to continue work, very helpful and appreciated.

    Have a happy day!

    Thanks a lot for this suggestion. Very helpful and appriciated… 🙂
    Talaash movie online, on this website I was using this but I removed for a while. Now again going to use.. Thanks a log again…

    Just what I was looking for my new WordPress Blog. Now I can have the option of multiple languages and incorporate it in future.

    Thanks a lot. Great how quick search on this forum comes up with almost all the solutions to most of the problems. Great resource.

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    Emil Uzelac


    Theme Review Admin

    Glad to hear that!


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