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    I can edit the .css for my site only via the Theme Settings tab – if I make changes to the style.css by accessing the cPanel nothing happens. I prefer to edit in the cPanel because it’s easier to navigate and also because I am able to see that the edits have been saved. (I can’t find a file in the file manager that seems to contain the edits I make via Theme Settings.) I am using a Custom Community child theme. I’ve tested editing the .css for a plug-in installed in my child theme via the cPanel, and there was no problem doing that. AND the changes showed up immediately so it’s not a cache issue. Nor is it a permissions issue – both .css files are at 777.



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  • Update – it seems that the style.css sheet must load before the changes made via Appearance/Theme Settings/CSS. If I label something in style.css with !important then the edit overrides what has been done under Theme Settings, if not it doesn’t. Same with Appearance/Editor, which does sync correctly with style.css in the cPanel. Going to be brave and test what happens if I remove all code from Appearance/Theme Settings/CSS. Hopefully that will resolve the issue.

    Nope, still have to add !important. When I examine the code with Firebug it looks like the last instructions it loads are from “”. Any clues as to what or where that is and how to adjust the hierarchy would be greatly appreciated!

    Hi gwdesign, you mean adjust what hierarchy? I didn’t really get what you mean.

    But regarding he CSS in general, it behaves like this:

    The Theme Settings and its CSS tab are the strongest and always override the last CSS from style.css

    The style.css from the parent theme should not be used anyway, as changing the theme files will result in not being update safe anymore (but child theme is absolute correct)

    So you have to either make the styles from your child theme’s style.css stronger, or use the theme settings CSS tab.

    In the pro version there is an option to use a custom.css which you can write “like usual”
    and this one will behave like the CSS tab and override.

    Hope this helps, please let me know if you need anymore help.

    Thanks, konradS, you answered my question. I’ll consider purchasing the pro version so I can edit the .css more efficiently.

    Another question for you – is it possible to change the location of sidebars on different pages? For instance, on my Blog page I would like the sidebar on the right, but for my Collections page I have a different sidebar that I would prefer to be on the left, with nothing on the right. There seem to be a number of plug-ins that will let you change the sidebar content from page to page, but I can’t seem to change the location from page to page.

    Hi gwdesign, if you don’t mind stepping into code and creating a child theme anyway, i would add my own sidebars in the functions.php (see in our theme how a new sidebar is defined, in functions.php)

    just copy and modify with your own names and ids.

    then, create a page template in your child theme and call the new sidebar there.

    now, when creating a new page in your wordpress, you can choose that template and the sidebar will show up.

    might be you will have also to add some extra CSS to make all look nice. but that would be the proper way to go.

    not sure what plugins there are that work nice with adding many sidebars and so on..

    some helpful links to creating page templates and adding sidebars:

    tutorial how to do all that you wanted:

    or maybe this is a cool plugin solution:

    hope this points to the right directions 😉 konrad

    Hi all,

    For what its worth, I found the CSS tab in the settings incredibly slow and frustrating so I emptied it and do all the CSS changes in the style.css file of my child theme in the theme editor so there is no conflict with the theme settings tab.

    hi @ste_barrett,

    please never change theme files if you want to stay update safe and not loose all your changes when updating.

    see also here:

    checkout the new CSS editor we integrated.. ^^

    hope this helps,

    ste_barrett – thanks for your input. i tried that, but it didn’t work for me. i’m guessing the issue is that everything under Appearance/Theme Settings loads after the child theme’s style.css, and there are a lot of options under there for this theme. so if i need to modify one of these options i can only do it via Appearance/Theme Settings/CSS. a bit of a drag….

    konradS – thanks for all of the information. i created a custom sidebar in my child theme but i was unable to move it below the top menu bar for some reason. as a temporary solution i modified a left sidebar with some CSS and that’s working for now:) if i have any further questions i’ll let you know.

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