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  • Theme Author Caroline Moore


    Hi there! So glad you like the theme.

    First, I highly recommend creating a child theme so your customizations won’t be lost. You can download a child theme template from my themes website if you need to.

    Then you’ll add the following code to your child theme’s style.css:

    .wrapper { //This is the width of the content column, sidebar and margin between the two, so it needs to be adjusted along with the sidebar itself.
      width: 1000px;
    ul.sidebar { //Obviously changing the values to accomodate your content.
      width: 300px;
    .sidebar h2.widgettitle { //This will center the widget title text
      text-align: center;

    I also recommend using a program like Firebug. You can easily “Inspect” different areas of the website to see which styles apply to what areas and diagnose future CSS issues like this.

    Hope this helps!

    Thanks for your quick reply!

    I’ve just used up my computer-time so I’ll check out this fix in the evening and get back to report.

    Applied your suggested code, and it all worked except for the last one.

    Somehow adding that word (center) removes the green bg bar and lets the sidebar overflow (bump) the main content.

    Theme Author Caroline Moore


    Hmm, text-align: center shouldn’t throw off the layout. Sounds like either a typo or a browser issue. I’d have to see your child theme’s style.css to tell you more. (You can copy it to pastebin if it’s more than ten lines long.)

    Okay, here’s my confession: I started by trying out the child theme, but when Cut & Paste didn’t result in what I was looking for (perhaps the CENTER command was throwing everything off there, too?)

    I reverted to my original (as in 4-years-old, only way I’ve ever done it: by picking things apart) method, saving the original in word, then inserting & highlighting the changes so I’d know what was diff if updates change things.

    Yes, I’m sure your way is simpler, but my head couldn’t wrap around a nearly empty box. I guess I don’t have enough faith.

    That said, I copied the full text (sans “center” command) into pastebin (user name UntanglingTales), since I didn’t know what part would be the best to exclude.

    Theme Author Caroline Moore


    I don’t see the text-align: center piece in the .sidebar h2.widgettitle class in that code. Can you give me line number where you added it?

    It wasn’t in the code I gave you (sorry, I realized late that was probably the point). Whatever was there wasn’t working so I erased it.

    Tried a couple different things then finally just erased the whole thing and reinstalled it.

    And it worked (I never know whether to grumble of be thankful this type of solution clears it all up).

    Okay: the difference I suss is that I put the ‘center’ directly after (in) the .sidebar h2.widgettitle line, since that’s the way I interpreted your directions.

    What ended up working was moving it to the bottom of the list of attributes. After I reinstalled.

    You’ve been wonderful, Thanks so much for your help!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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