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  • Moderator Jan Dembowski


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    under the comment box is too big. How do I make it smaller?

    Too big? I could hardly read it…

    For CSS questions, Firebug is a great tool and lets you identify what needs to be changed. Using that tool, it looks like .form-allowed-tags is the CSS that needs adjusting.

    Try this: create a child theme of Scrappy in wp-content/themes/scrappy-child and activate that in your dashboard. It’s easy and will introduce you to some basic CSS. 😉

    In your child theme’s style.css adjust the .form-allowed-tags from their normal font-size: 70% to something smaller.

    I tried 100% (to make it larger!) but you may want to play with it.

    I’m familiar with CSS. I just couldn’t find the CSS that went with the pre-formatted text in THIS theme. Designers can name their CSS classes anything they like, and sometimes the names they use aren’t descriptive enough.

    Like, for example, I wouldn’t have named it .form-allowed-tags. It’s too vague. I would’ve named it something more specific like .comments-html-allowed. But, that’s just me, LOL.

    The part that says “You may use these HTML tags and attributes” is not the part I want to change. It’s the actual tag examples that are too big.

    I think I am going to create some child themes. I already made all the changes I wanted for right now. But, I really like this theme and think I’ll come up with some other designs for when I want to switch my look up, from time to time. Thanks.

    Edited to Add: I looked for .form-allowed-tags in style.css and it wasn’t there. I even copied and pasted the stylesheet into a text editor and did a search. Not there. I don’t know what Firebug was showing you.

    Theme Author Caroline Moore


    (form-allowed-tags is the WordPress default class name, not something chosen by theme devs.)

    .form-allowed-tags code {} will change the font size for just the code elements.

    The creators of WordPress could have chosen a more descriptive name for that class, IMHO. Anyhoo, where can I find .form-allowed-tags? I’m tired and don’t want to go look for it. I just want to locate it and fix it. Thanks.

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Brute Squad and Volunteer Moderator

    I just want to locate it and fix it.

    I actually provided you with what you need, you really want to use a child theme.

    If (when) the author sixhours (nice theme BTW) updates the theme, you run the risk of losing any modifications you make. By using a child theme like that you get to keep your CSS updates.

    Theme Author Caroline Moore


    Thanks, Jan!

    OP: It sounds like you’re using an outdated version of Scrappy. The current version (1.3) has defined a smaller font size for .form-allowed-tags. That said, I’d wait until 1.3.1 is released, because it has two major bug fixes for 1.3.

    In any case, you can still modify the size by adding that code to the end of your stylesheet–you don’t need to find it, just tack it onto the end. And I highly recommend making any modifications in a child theme, as Jan suggested, so your changes don’t get overwritten by future theme updates.

    Sixhours, thanks for helping. I checked out the changes in 1.3 that just came out, and they’re not anything I’m having a problem with, so I don’t intend to update anytime soon. When I get ready to switch up my look, I’ll create a child theme, update, and then activate the child theme. I just installed Scrappy 1.2.3 a couple of days ago and got it how I want it, so I’m fine for now.

    Jan, the code wasn’t in style.css. As sixhours said, I’m using an older version of the theme that doesn’t have that bit of code in the style.css. I know that updating the theme will overwrite the changes I made, and that’s why I have no intention of updating until I’m ready for a new look.

    Thank you both.

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