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  • Now that we have the 1.5 themes list in place and it is continuing to grow, we would like to start making it more accessible and helpful to users.

    One plan is to have theme reviews listed. Obviously, with over 250 themes this could prove to be a huge task. So, if you want to get involved, feel like writing some reviews on themes you have tried, or simply do not have a life and need something more, let us know and come and give us a hand.

    Kafkaesqui has offered to have a look at making a theme browser for the themes, similar in design to Alex King’s, and we are also looking into adding screenshots of each them as well.

    The plan is to have a database that will provide as much information about all the themes available, in the easiest manner possible.

    250 themes
    – 25 people at 10 themes each?
    – 10 people at 25 themes each?
    or most likely 3 or 4 people at HEAPS of themes to review.
    And of course, even writing one or two reviews would be very helpful.

    This is a community project, so get over to the WRC, register, and as soon as you feel like it, start writing reviews. All contributors are given level 9 access and have their names highlighted in big flashing lights.

    If you think this can work, please get involved!

    Please note that my ‘offline’ life is taking a lot of my time and I may not be able to respond to questions, suggestions until the end of work each day.

    You can contact me at [shadow12 gmail]

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  • I think it’s a great idea! I mean if the reviews aren’t going to be like the replies here in the “show me yours…” section 🙂
    OK, now I’ll go over there – and maybe I’ll continue this later. Or tomorrow – it’s almost 1 am.

    Shadow: what type of reviews are you looking for? Are you wanting people who have used the themes to report back issues they’ve found specific to that theme and appropriate work-arounds?

    Shadow – Great to see a topic about this idea! 😀 I’ll be registering over there right now and getting back into the writing groove… 😉

    Thanks to all who have taken an interest. With a few people banding together I am sure we can make the project a very valuable resource of information for all the themes listed.

    I think any honest critique is acceptable and whereas one person may be very thorough, the next person may pick up on an aspect of a theme that has been missed until that time.

    The other thing I had not mentioned is that the theme designers themselves are most welcome to provide their own review/guidelines and we can expand on this.

    The way I see it – can we really have too much information?

    We are still looking for people to get involved, so don’t be bashful, come on, come out and play 🙂

    I’d love to, because I have nine themes I’ve created so I have a vested interest in seeing what works and what doesn’t.

    I’d also like to do some reviews. I’ll go ahead and sign up.

    Shadow, will you have a category/categories you wish reviewers to post to?

    Hi Joni.

    Yes we have an appropriate category made 🙂

    It is great to have you on board – thanks for giving up some of your time to help us out with this project.

    Hey Shadow,

    I emailed you about it 😉

    Added xerocool and more info on site 🙂

    Welcome aboard 🙂

    Sounds good – I”l have some time after this weekend possibly, but my course is throwing a lot of stuff at me, I’ve registered anyway. I think it might also sensible to have authors review their own works 🙂

    Just a thought, but why limit x number to particular # of themes? more than one opinion offers a better guidance as to the overall appeal sometimes. Addtionally you may want to employ the Votio voting system from asymptomatic to allowed registered users (or anon) to vote for themes. IMHO I despise, loathe and abhor any rating system, but the vast majority like them so…

    You have got the default in the gallery ? 🙂

    I’m with you Jinsan – whoever invented voting, polls etc online should be hung by the neck until dead….

    [Why, Root? You going to dissect it?]

    I’ve seen voting systems and the like that are abused, yet, in general I like the information that they convey and appreciate their presence.

    I think if the voting system required a link beside it, users could judge the voter / commentor. It would add a degree of integrity and transparency.

    OH OH OH!! Seeing as I’ve probably already done this in my head, I wouldn’t mind reviewing a few themes.

    Is there a deadline?

    I guess it’s an on-going never-ending project 🙂

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 43 total)
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